Lost Ollie – Everything We Know About This Netflix Show

By Louie Fecou
Published: August 8, 2022 (Last updated: April 9, 2023)
Lost Ollie - Everything We Know About This Netflix Show

This article discusses the upcoming Netflix show Lost Ollie and will cover the release date, cast, production, premise, and other details.

There’s a new adventure story coming to Netflix, and it may have slipped under the radar, but if you are a fan of Toy Story and good old-fashioned adventure fantasy tales, this may be a series for you, whatever your age.

Lost Ollie release date

Lost Ollie is slated for a global Netflix release on August 24, 2022.


Ollie is a toy that is lost by his young owner, but Ollie is more than a toy. He is a best friend, and a lifelong companion and the series will follow the struggles of Ollie, and his owner, as they try to reunite. The quest for the pair to be reunited is the driving force behind this story, and fate seems to conspire to throw every possible hurdle in their way.

Our opinion of the premise

It’s hard not to dislike this idea, and the trailer shows us a mix of live-action and animation that separates this from similar properties. The fast-paced trailer looks heartwarming and exciting, and this seems to be a show for a family audience to enjoy. If done properly, this could be a classic story for all ages to enjoy and we hope that there is plenty of content that will differentiate this production from Toy Story, which it will ultimately be compared to.

Production Team 

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer: Shannon Tindle

Director: Peter Ramsay

Executive Producers: Shawn Levy Emily Morris Josh Barry


  • Jonathan Groff
  • Mary J Blige
  • Tim Blake Nelson
  • Kesler Talbot
  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Jake Johnson

Is there a trailer?

Yes there is, and it’s great, watch it here:

Other things we know about Netflix Show Lost Ollie

The series is actually based on a 2016 book by William Joyce. Joyce is a much-loved author and illustrator, and the book’s title is Ollie’s Odyssey. Although the series will draw comparisons with Toy Story, the trailer shows a darker approach to the storytelling, mixing live-action and animation, and portraying a more dark fairy tale vibe than the color and humor of the Toy Story franchise. The show is comprised of 4 episodes running 45 minutes each, debuting on August 24th. Tindle, who adapted the story for Netflix, worked as a designer on Coraline. The CGI characters in Lost Ollie were created by Industrial Lights and Magic. Filming seems to have taken place over a month, and looks like the production wrapped on March 18th, 2022.


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