Tekken: Bloodline – Everything We Know About The Netflix Anime Series

August 8, 2022
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This article contains information about Netflix’s anime Tekken: Bloodline, including its release date, cast, and premise.

Tekken: Bloodline makes its premiere on Netflix on August 18th. Based on the incredibly popular video game, Tekken is an iconic and beloved franchise that is one of the most successful games ever released. With this latest series set to drop, what can we expect to happen?

Tekken: Bloodline release date

Tekken: Bloodline is slated for release on Netflix on August 18, 2022.

Tekken: Bloodline premise

It appears that this run of Tekken will take place between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3. We find Jin Kazama and his mother Jun engaged in training Jin on Yakushima. However, Jin loses his mother and embarks on a journey of revenge against Ogre under the training regime of his grandfather. This storyline seems to follow the Tekken 3 storyline and results in a showdown at The King Of Iron Fist Tournament

Production team

There is little information on the production team behind Bloodline, however, Barnstorm Design Labo may be at work on this project, and the animation style seems similar to Netflix anime adaptations Kengan Ashura and Hi-Score Girl.


  • Isshin Chiba
  • Mamiko Noto
  • Taitan Kusunoki
  • Masanori Shinohara
  • Yumi Tona
  • Seiko Yoshida

Is there a trailer for Tekken: Bloodline?

There certainly is, watch it here:

What else do we know?

The roster of characters that are scheduled to appear is Jin Kazama, Jun Kazama, Ancient Ogre, Julia Chang, Nina Williams, Feng Hwoarang, Xiaoyu Ganryu, Leroy Smith, and King. Tekken first appeared in arcades in 1994. Tekken 3 surfaced in 1996.

For fans of this franchise, and there are a lot of them, it would seem that Tekken: Bloodline has been hotly anticipated. The game is so beloved that fans will be waiting in anticipation for this series to drop, and quite rightly too. Netflix has always embraced this genre, despite some missteps like the live-action Cowboy Bebop show, they seem set to continue down this track with offerings such as another live-action series based on One Piece. Tekken: Bloodline looks set to be a fan-pleasing experience and sure to be a winner for the streaming service.