Next Time On… Industry season 2, episode 3 – “The Fool”

August 9, 2022
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This article is a preview for Industry season 2, episode 3, “The Fool”, and may contain spoilers for previous episodes. 

Industry is, essentially, HBO’s halfway point between Succession and Euphoria — a workplace drama about deplorable people in a cutthroat business who also happen to be drug-addled sex-mad sociopaths. It was a weird release in 2020, dumped in bulk onto both HBO Max in America and BBC iPlayer in the UK, but it obviously did well enough to justify a second season that, it seems, will follow a more traditional weekly release cadence.

Industry season 2, episode 2 recap

The second season continued with “The Giant Squid” and delivered at least one scene of absolutely white-knuckle tension. Here’s what happened, in summary:

  • Harper spent the entire episode trying to coax Jesse into a deal and finally secured it in easily the most nail-biting scene of the season thus far.
  • Yasmin’s dad turned up out of nowhere, and she also continued to develop her relationship with Celeste, evidently eyeing new career ambitions.
  • Robert wined and dined Nicole and, in allowing her to give him a hand job, overcame his recent sexual hang-ups and made his first big sale.

Industry season 2, episode 3 release date

“The Fool” will release on Monday, August 15, at 9pm ET on HBO and HBO Max. It’ll be the second of eight episodes, airing every Monday between now and September 19.

Where to watch Industry online

As stated above, Industry is exclusive to HBO and HBO Max, where it can be viewed with a subscription.

Predictions for “The Fool”:

The official synopsis runs thusly, per IMDb:

The high of landing Bloom soon wears off when Harper suddenly finds herself stuck between rivals at Rican Healthcare’s investor event – and at the mercy of Eric’s frustration. After attempting to lure her father’s business, Yasmin is forced to curry favor with Celeste. Meanwhile, unexpected doors open for Gus while tutoring Bloom’s son, Leo.

We can make some logical assumptions from this, but some here are some others things that might happen:

  • I can’t say I necessarily understood the ins and outs of the deal that Harper ostensibly secured for Bloom, though I really feel like it’s reliant on Anna buying in — which as far as I can tell hasn’t been officially confirmed. If the deal falls through and Bloom loses a ton of money, what happens then?
  • Yasmin getting closer and closer to Celeste is an obvious development; in light of a personal issue, I can see her giving too much of herself to this mysterious woman, and potentially ruining not just her own fortunes but those of her family.
  • Robert will presumably be reinvigorated thanks to Nicole, but where will that lead him? Probably nowhere good.
  • It’ll be nice to see Gus actually have something meaningful to do.
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