Renewed or Cancelled – will there be a School Tales The Series season 2?

August 11, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be season 2 of the Thai Netflix anthology series School Tales The Series and its renewed or cancelled status.

On Aug 10, 2022, Netflix released a Thai anthology series, with a group of directors coming together to create horror stories from the same school. Each story is based on a comic.


Horror is always well-suited to an anthological format. There’s something malleable about the genre that just works as a buffet; here’s a ghost story to start, followed by a bit of demonic possession and a light helping of monster madness. You can have a curse here and a witch there without anything feeling too out of place. Such things are never consistent, pretty much by design, but they’re almost always interesting. That’s what School Tales The Series offers.

We gave the series a favorable review: “As usual, this anthology offers up a mixed bag of scares and ideas — an interesting diversion for genre fans, but doesn’t quite amount to anything more.”

Will there be a season 2 of the Thai Netflix horror anthology series School Tales The Series – renewed or cancelled status

Status: TBC/ not renewed yet

At this moment in time, School Tales The Series has not been renewed for a second season, but maybe it’s too early to speculate at the moment. With Netflix remodeling their business on release slates, it would not be surprising if we heard some news relatively soon on the status of this series (possibly in a month’s time).

We would like to add that School Tales The Series has a high chance of being renewed. Anthology series tend to be popular, and Netflix have been quite loyal to these kinds of genres in the past, especially horror.

Netflix tends to look out for watch hours, so let’s hope the series gets enough to justify a continuation.

At Ready Steady Cut, we’ll keep you informed on any news.

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You can stream School Tales The Series exclusively on Netflix.