5 Reasons To Watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers on Hulu

August 12, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers on Hulu.

We have a brand new series coming to Hulu in Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers. The ten-part docuseries breaks down one of the most accomplished franchises in sports history. Today, I share Five Reasons to Watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers.

We all know that docuseries have become staples of the streaming platforms over the past few years. We’ve seen things like serial killers, the rise/fall of business tycoons, and much more. Hulu entering the sports docuseries of a storied franchise could lead to seeing more like this from them in the future.

5 Reasons To Watch Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers on Hulu

Reason 1. It’s the Lakers

You have one of the most successful franchises in sports history, and you don’t rise to the top without a bit of drama. But, then, you throw in the fact that this team is in Los Angeles, and how we’ve seen the growth of the celebrities in the front row has become as must-see as the team itself. So no matter how you feel about this franchise, you must respect what they have done.

Reason 2. The Players

With its storied history comes some of the greatest players in NBA history. From Kareem to Magic to Kobe to Shaq to Lebron, you have a long history of decorated athletes who have done much for the team’s growth. Next, you have these Laker Legends on this docuseries talking about their time with the team. You don’t get second-hand stories, you get them from their mouths. That alone makes the series much watch.

Reason 3. The Rivalries

The Lakers have had some of the best rivalries in sports history. These teams battled in the trenches from their early battle with Dr. J and the Pistons to Larry Bird and the Celtics to Tim Duncan and the Spurs. What made it even better was listening to Dr. J, and Larry Bird breaks down these matchups and how important it was for them to attempt to take down these Lakers teams.

Reason 4. The Buss Family

I am only 36 years old, so I know who Jerry Buss is, but limited to how he got to where he was and what his impact on the NBA really was. The entire series highlights how Jerry became a business mogul turned owner of the LA Lakers. It also highlights his faults in being a father and how he tried to change that by giving his kids bits and pieces of this team to help try to mend those relationships. You hear from his kids (who are still sour on certain aspects) about their childhood and adulthood, including some heated words about each other.

Reason 5. The Celebrities

They didn’t become the Showtime Lakers just because of what they could accomplish on the court. It was the off-the-court stuff that brought that name to the table. Jerry Buss was the first owner in the NBA to put cheerleaders on the court during the game. Another thing he was the first at was putting the team’s home games on Television, so everyone could see the who’s who of the world that would show up to their games. And we can’t forget about the partying, and everyone will get a kick out of some of the stories Rob Lowe tells during the series.

You can watch this series with a subscription to Hulu.