Never Have I Ever season 3 – are Devi and Ben right for each other?

August 12, 2022
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This article, “are Devi and Ben right for each other,” contains major spoilers regarding Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 3.

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Ben has been needling our favorite dorky/unpopular girl for two seasons at Sherman Oaks High School. Why, exactly? No one likes a bully. In fact, Devi gives it right back at him. They are the smartest kids in school and drive each other to be great. The son of an entertainment and sports agent, Ben is as brilliant as he is condescending. He always has his head in the books, but his back and forth with Devi is his only social interaction. Their back-and-forth bickering and burns are obvious signs of attraction.

Never Have I Ever season 3 – are Devi and Ben right for each other?

That’s what happens by the end of the first season. After an emotional moment on the beach with her mother and family and saying goodbye to her father, Devi climbs into Ben’s car and kisses him. She stands Paxton up while doing so. Ben is different than Paxton. He is arrogant and short, and while Paxton doesn’t have a hair on his swimmer’s body, Ben also could have the hairiest teenager body you will ever see. He looks like he could be Jake Gyllenhaal’s normal-looking brother. Yes, he is no Paxton but has the most in common with Devi. Of course, we would never assume Devi and Ben (or, as I call them, team “Bevi”) would make it. Not while Paxton is sniffing around. And by the end of the second season, Ben looks heartbroken as Devi is with Paxton at the school dance.

Ben gets off that horse and has been dating Aneesa, and she cannot handle his condescending attitude. When Ben comments that a high school social experiment by matching high school students with their perfect matches is equivalent to 1984, his girlfriend asks him what that is. The guy laughs and explains the book while telling his girlfriend in a laughing manner they must get her to the library. He might as well have patted her on the head. Aneesa dumps him later but also notices how Ben will have reasons not to attend Aneesa’s functions because of his studying but will drop things to put himself in the middle of Devi’s problems.

Ben does some growing in later episodes and becomes a more considerate friend and person in general. Ben even makes more time for self-care. He confides in Fabiola that Devi broke his heart. Later, when he overhears Rhyha telling Des to break up with Devi, he tells her without insulting her. While Ben still will try to light up some “sick burns” on Devi because that will always be part of their relationship, there is a change in his behavior. He considers her feelings and is even supportive. Of course, he is still Ben and offers her a coupon that says, “One Free Boink,” because he is a gentleman.

And that is how the season ends. After Paxton breaks up with Devi and Des breaks up with Devi, she shows up at Ben’s door and hands him the coupon.

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