Never Have I Ever season 3 – will Devi and Paxton make their relationship work?

August 12, 2022
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This article, “will Devi and Paxton make their relationship work,” contains major spoilers regarding Netflix’s Never Have I Ever season 3.

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For two seasons, Devi has been obsessed with being popular at her Sherman Oaks High School. Why? Typical teenage angst? The focus on her own inadequacies? During a time when a teenager is trying to find their own identity? Or could it be another reason? Perhaps, there is another reason. One has her distracting herself from what has been happening in that brilliant head of hers.

That brings up Paxton. The most popular and hottest guy in her California High School. The guy struts around with a swimmer’s body, the team star, and every girl is infatuated with him, including our girl, Devi. By the end of the first season, Paxton was charmed by her, but it was Ben our girl was placing a kiss on in the first-year finale. However, in a rare film or television series where the dorky girl (and believe me, nerds now are in the past decade, and not just the guys from The Big Bang Theory, but women with brains as well) gets the cool, handsome, and uber-popular guy.

Never Have I Ever season 3 – will Devi and Paxton make their relationship work?

Of course, we then assume Devi and Paxton (or as I call them, “Dexton” or “Pavi” or “Dexi,” okay, I’m working on it, but I am partial to the last one) will live happily ever after? Yes, that’s right. This is why so many high school sweethearts are getting married and never breaking up before college, right? While my sarcasm is obvious, I was surprised at how quickly their relationship dissolved.

Devi, almost immediately, hears the Sherman Oaks High School mean girls talk about how crazy it was for Paxton, not just for a casual hook up, but make Devi his “official” girlfriend. Devi, who has gone through so much over the past two years and has always had confidence and insecurity issues, questions why someone like him would go out with her. This can be common with some who lack confidence, but Devi is different. She lost the consistent male figure in her life who always would love her for who she is and the beauty, inside and out, that she feels others will never recognize.

After a paintball tournament, where Paxton shoots her, Devi explodes and yells at Paxton. She feels insecure about his newfound friendship with a former flame. In fact, Devi then openly questions why he would go out with her since everyone else is asking it. Instead of calming her insecurities, he breaks up with her. Why? A very mature reason, honestly. Because Devi is not ready for a relationship until she likes herself. Our girl is left heartbroken. She then is comforted by her mother, even though Devi has kept her dating a secret from her.

Dexi never gets back together by the season’s end, but they become friends. Paxton is a year ahead of her, and he thanks her at his graduation for helping him get into college. Devi thanks him for getting through her father’s death. Devi may have been distracting herself. A little soap opera in her head. This led to an infatuation with the most popular boy in school to get through a painful time in her life.

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