This Fool season 1 – do Julio and Maggie end up together?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 12, 2022
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This article, “do Julio and Maggie end up together,” contains spoilers regarding Hulu’s This Fool season 1.

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In This Fool one of the main subplots revolves around the will they/won’t they romance between Maggie and Julio. These on-again, off-again lovers seem perfect for one another, but their relationship goes on many ups and downs across the breadth of this ten-episode season. So, do they end up together by the end of the first season?

This Fool season 1 – do Julio and Maggie end up together

The season opens with the high school lovers broken up. In the pilot episode, Maggie steals (borrows) Julio’s car, which could be seen as a ploy so Maggie can spend more valuable time with her ex. Like most of Julio’s relationships, he seems to constantly bicker with Maggie and they couldn’t start the series any further from being soul mates. Maggie acknowledges Julio’s OCD tendencies and his many other flaws, whilst Julio detests Maggie’s untidy nature and erratic behavior. But they do say that opposites attract.

As the series progresses, Maggie finds new and inventive ways to spend time with Julio. When Julio joins a dating app and returns all Maggie’s old items, she disrupts his first date in years with a phone call. Here she talks about losing her pet rabbit and Julio drops everything to help with the emergency. He believes she used this lie to lure him to her apartment, but eventually it is revealed that she does in fact now own a cute, little rabbit.

The next time these star-crossed lovers meet is at Julio’s birthday party at the bowling alley. After their last chat, Maggie has decided to move on and is now dating someone new, who happens to also be called Julio. Our Julio is green with envy and tries to beat the opponent in a competitive bowling game. Maggie clearly notices his jealousy and teases Julio in the toilets, where he goes in for a kiss. This change of heart sparks Maggie into formulating an impromptu date with the uptight Julio.

They go on a hiking date, where Julio does nothing but complain the entire time. Maggie tries her darnedest to accommodate the awkward so and so. She bakes him treats, packs a luscious picnic and organizes the tour to end with a sunset view. Julio ruins all these preparations and becomes unwell from her cookies that she baked especially for him. They argue about cheating on each other and Maggie convinces Julio into letting go of his neurotic ways. The couple kiss whilst Julio evacuates his bowels.

Now happily back together, things get rather serious when Julio and Maggie are made godparents of Julio’s nephew and later discuss moving in together. Julio worries about commitment and things moving too fast, but accepts the proposal in the end. The couple excitedly look for new apartments together, yet disaster strikes when Julio loses his job and financial concerns take precedence. Maggie offers to support Julio and he cowardly backs out of the move. Things end in disarray for the couple as Julio worries that he might not want to live with Maggie at all. Maggie is heartbroken, but predicted this eventuality all along.

The couple end season one separated, having gotten back together only to break-up once again. It’s a repetitive rollercoaster of emotions for the duo, but maybe they are better apart. I imagine a second season would follow a similar track, with the couple getting back together and splitting up ad infinitum.

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