5 Reasons To Watch Untold: Volume 2 on Netflix

By Romey Norton
Published: August 13, 2022

This article discusses 5 reasons to watch Untold: Volume 2 with episodes released weekly on Netflix from August 16, 2022.

After a successful first season, the critically-acclaimed series returns with Untold: Volume 2, with four more documentaries over four weeks, bringing fresh eyes to epic tales from the world of sports. We share 5 reasons to watch Untold: Volume 2 on Netflix. 

With other streaming giants like Disney+ and Prime Video bringing more and more true crime documentaries, Netflix needs to keep up with its world-class, wild docu-series to keep audiences entertained. With viewers keener than ever to watch true crime and scandals, there is no stopping this content soon. 

5 Reasons To Watch Untold: Volume 2 on Netflix

Reason 1: Unbelievable Content 

Watching Untold: Volume 2 you will watch and hear about stories that you couldn’t even imagine. As well as it being an insight into the world of sports, they’re also stories for the gossipy, nosey parts of us, who love to hear about and see a scandal. 

Reason 2: Narrative-driven storytelling 

There is something special about hearing first-hand accounts from the people that were involved, rather than being told from an outside perspective. Although multiple perspectives create space for conversation, being able to hear and see the criminals and victims talking about their choices and their personal development into their actions is enthralling to watch. In Untold: Volume 2 there are four episodes all with this powerful style of storytelling for you to get invested in.

Reason 3: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist

This two-part documentary is definitely worth watching in the series, even if it’s the only one you decide to watch. This documentary is up there with the most wild and weird ones I have seen recently. With cat-fishing, the NFL, masculinity, dignity, and millions of dollars involved, it has it all.

Reason 4: Talking Points

Now, whether you’re a sports fan or not, each documentary here is a seriously good talking point. Stories you can share with friends, family, and good conversation starters on first dates, for example. They’re interesting, intriguing and knowing this inside information almost can give you the edge amongst your peers. 

Reason 5: True Crime Fix 

If you’re a fan of watching true crime, like myself, crime happens away from murders and kidnapping, it’s all around us, even in the sports we watch. There is an addiction to watching how criminals conduct and construct their crimes, and how they almost get away with it. Viewers get a high and adrenaline rush from watching an investigation unfold — learning how the investigators build and solve a case is thrilling. If you’re needing that fix, this series has FBI investigations into fraud, bribery and working for the mob.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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