Chad and JT Go Deep – Everything We Know About the Netflix series

August 13, 2022
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This article discusses the Netflix series Chad and JT Go Deep, including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.

As the Summer releases continue from Netflix, here is a comedy docu-drama that looks set to mix the uncomfortable humour of Borat with the aesthetics of Bill and Ted. Against the sun-drenched backdrop of LA, Chad and JT seem intent on fighting for the causes they believe in, whether they are cancelled or not.

Netflix series Chad and JT Go Deep release date

Chad and JT Go Deep is scheduled for a global release on August 23rd, 2022

Chad and JT Go Deep premise

Two best friends set out into their local community to spread their message of good vibrations and activism. They take to the streets and ask the general public to support their bids to change the status quo. With local authorities, community groups and people on the street not in on the joke, expect some stunned expressions and double takes as the pair try to convince their marks to  help their multiple campaigns.

Our opinion of the premise

It might feel as if you have seen lots of this type of thing before, predominantly with the kind of work that Sacha Baron Cohen became internationally famous from, but the hook here may be from Chad and JT themselves, who seem wholeheartedly invested in their causes. The two “bros” are so believable and genuinely concerned about their ridiculous stands, that it seems hard to not believe in what they are saying. If done properly, this could be a funny distraction that will pass some time on an afternoon off.

The Production Team

Executive producers : 

  • Tim Heidecker
  • Tom Allen
  • Eric Wareheim
  • Dave Kneebone
  • John Parr

Dialogue editor : 

  • Jack “JR” DeCraene

Netflix film Chad and JT Go Deep Cast

Here is the confirmed cast

  • Tom Allen
  • J.T.Parr

Is there a trailer ?

There sure is, watch it here:

Pretty much everything you need to know about this is in the trailer, you can see the characters in the kinds of situations that will drive the slight narrative to a conclusion. It sounds like Bill and Ted, with a docu-drama twist.

What else do we know?

From what we can tell, this has all the hallmarks of an Adult Swim style feature, and it’s worth noting that there are a few well known names attached to this including Tim and Eric, of Awesome Show fame. It appears that production company Abso Lutely, behind many Adult Swim shows, is heavily connected. Chad and JT are not new characters but have been around for a while uploading content as they go. They have a YouTube channel of the same name as the show, and it appears that they are well known in certain circles for this particular style of humour. People are also encouraged to go to their website and “raise stoke levels worldwide”. This is the first appearance of the pair on TV, and it appears this will be six episodes on offer.

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