5 Reasons To Watch the series Echoes on Netflix

August 15, 2022
Adam Lock 0
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the new limited series Echoes on Netflix.

Echoes is the latest addictive thriller from Netflix, debuting on the streaming platform on August 19th. The series follows identical twins, Leni and Gina, who swap lives every year in secret. Their mischievous undertaking goes swimmingly at first, allowing the sisters the chance to share careers, husbands and daughter Mattie. However, things take a turn for the worse when one of the twins goes missing in suspicious circumstances. This disappearance unearths many secrets and plenty of drama. Sound interesting? Here are 5 reasons to watch the Netflix original series:

5 Reasons To Watch Echoes on Netflix

Reason 1. The Mystery

At the center of this drama is a tantalizing mystery that viewers are going to be eager to solve. A ranch owner’s wife goes missing under suspicious circumstances, there is a dead horse and clear signs of foul play. Something doesn’t quite add up. One of the horses returns covered in human blood, the husband seems to have his own dark secrets and then they throw into the mix burnt corpses and arson. The narrative is chocked full of mystery and intrigue.

Reason 2. Identical Twins

Pop culture just loves to create stories involving identical twins. The most famous being the twins found in The Shining of course, which may have started the whole fascination in the first place. But it is surprising how few thrillers have utilized identical twins and it’s equally as shocking that this kind of storyline hasn’t been used before. It feels unique, yet somehow very familiar. The identical twins angle takes this thriller into new and exciting territory, allowing the twins to lead double lives and manipulate certain situations to their advantage. It’s such a clever premise that the creators make the most of.

Reason 3. Michelle Monaghan

The American actress is best known for starring in the Mission: Impossible franchise and the first season of True Detective. She looks to be having an absolute blast here, playing both of the identical twins in the miniseries. Fans of the actress will not be disappointed by her star turn as the deceitful twin sisters. Both twins have their own distinct lives and mannerisms, with Monaghan happily dipping between characters effortlessly. It’s an exciting prospect, a Hollywood actress playing two roles in the same series and Monaghan looks to be fully immersing in the role.

Reason 4. Matt Bomer

Another Hollywood star with a solid fan base, Matt Bomer can be seen in Magic Mike, The Nice Guys and season three of The Sinner. In Echoes, Matt Bomer plays Leni’s husband Jack Beck. He runs the ranch with his family and is distraught when his wife goes missing. Although the rancher has his own dark secrets that are explored in greater depth throughout the seven-episode run. Fans won’t be disappointed to see Bomer’s role in the show, although they may crave more screen time for the actor.

Reason 5. The Twists

This show has many mysteries just waiting to be explored and the thriller more than delivers on many surprising twists by the closing credits. There are many secrets in the twins’ past and all of this traumatic history is given decent air time. The writers have crafted an elaborate feast for fans of the genre and this series will not disappoint in that regard. Expect plenty of twists and revelations throughout the miniseries as the mystery slowly unravels.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.