5 Reasons To Watch Bad Sisters on Apple TV+

August 16, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 0
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the series Bad Sisters on Apple TV+.

Bad Sisters is the upcoming series from Apple TV+, and from our review at Ready Steady Cut, it has “believable and engaging characters, a truly deplorable villain, witty humour, and a whip-smart script”. But if that’s not enough to convince you to watch, here are five other reasons:

5 Reasons To Watch Bad Sisters on Apple TV+

Reason 1. There’s a great cast involved

With a great cast that includes Anne-Marie Duff, Eva Birthistle, Eve Hewson, and Claes Bang, it also stars the show’s creator Sharon Horgan! And with Pulling, Catastrophe, Behind Her Eyes, His Dark Material, and many more, all part of this cast’s former works, it signals that Bad Sisters has a very talented cast indeed. And not only are the cast members great, but so are the characters. Rather than just the cast selling the show, the script does a fine job.

Reason 2. It’s based on a hit show

The original season, entitled Clan (The Out-Laws), ran for two successful seasons before airing. And it was seen as such a success that it aired in the UK on More4 as part of its Walter Presents service.

Reason 3. Brutal plot

Bad Sisters is about “a group of sisters, who decide to plot to kill their deplorable brother-in-law”. It’s something that maybe sisters have thought about but probably (and hopefully) never seriously considered. And as some would say, the plot and cast go well together due to its “its charming cast and devilish narrative”.

Reason 4. Dark humour from the get-go

Rather than being too silly or too serious, it appears as though Bad Sisters will find the right balance. Whilst dark humour, or even just comedy in general, can be overplayed to the point of silliness in mystery thrillers, Bad Sisters looks like it won’t rely too heavily on the jokes, which, at times, can be one of the sole reasons audiences turn on.

Reason 5. Excellent writing sells the show

With what some have considered being solid writing that brings the characters to life, Bad Sisters has earnt good reviews so far. For any show to be decent enough to watch, good writing is a must. And with early thoughts being that the writing is better than you’d expect, it’s looking good for Bad Sisters.

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