5 Reasons To Watch Unsuspicious on Netflix

August 16, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 0
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the series Unsuspicious on Netflix.

Unsuspicious is one of the latest tv shows to be airing on Netflix very soon. While there are five reasons below as to why you should watch it, Netflix, which has recently been overtaken by Disney+ in regards to the number of total subscribers, will also be desperately hoping you’ll watch it too. With comedy thrillers being all the rage lately (Apple TV’s The Afterparty and Peacock’s The Resort), could Unsuspicious be the next big hit? Below are five reasons why you should watch it and/or why it could be a success.

5 Reasons To Watch Unsuspicious on Netflix

Reason 1. There’s a great mystery involved

From the premise alone, it seems that this series will have us guessing who the killer is. This is because when three women get conned by a rich playboy, he gets found dead before they can confront him. Did one of the three women kill hm? Or someone else? Or will there be a twist that means it is something even wilder?

Reason 2. A mixture of genres

Rather than just stick to the typical genres associated with a murder whodunit, Unsuspicious will add comedy into the mix. 

Reason 3. It’s Brazilian

Like many of Netflix’s productions, it will have a unique feel due to its country of origin. And if you are a fan of Netflix’s other Brazilian productions, such as Brotherhood, Reality Z, Kissing Game, and more, then you should leave a mark on your calendar.

Reason 4. It doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously

Rather than a series that wants to be taken too earnestly or thoughtfully, Unsuspicious, at least based on the trailer, seems to be more interested in providing its audiences with some laughs. Instead, the movie seems much more light-hearted, despite the sound of the murderous storyline.

Reason 5. It could be a foreign, playful version of Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Maybe it’s down to the scene where the main characters are summoned to the living room by the detective. But there are definitely some hints to the UK show that aired from 1989 to 2013. Whilst, of course, the tone won’t be as serious, it could still make for a nice little watch!

You will be able to watch Unsuspicious with a subscription to Netflix, and it will be airing on the streaming service on August 17, 2022.