Echoes season 1 – who is Charlie Davenport?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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This article, “who is Charlie Davenport,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix limited series Echoes season 1.

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Gina’s husband Charlie seems to be a very casual, laid back addition to the cast, but as the series develops, this seemingly ordinary individual begins to show his true colors. Charlie has his own secrets and motives throughout Echoes, which slowly come to the forefront.

Who is Charlie Davenport in Echoes season 1?

Via Gina’s confession to Dylan, it is revealed that Charlie was Gina’s therapist while she was still in the education system. He was tasked with aiding Gina through her recovery after an unspecified breakdown. His therapy sessions led Gina to write her first novel, addressing her childhood trauma and her experiences as an identical twin. Charlie was impressed with Gina and fell madly in love with the women. It is a little creepy that their professional relationship turned into a romantic one. I’m not sure of the age gap, but there are issues with their client/therapist dynamics. It’s problematic to say the least that an older therapist ends up marrying their client.

Ignoring the possibly problematic issues, they got hitched and expected their first child together. Unfortunately, Gina miscarried and the death hurt her deeply. Charlie was very considerate of his wife’s needs though. He allowed Gina to grieve with her sister, at her own pace and she moved back to Mount Echo for the foreseeable future. Charlie was of course unaware of their plans to switch lives, but he somehow found out before the big secret was revealed many years later.

Gina would later plan her own escape and found Charlie’s journals whilst snooping around. In these books he talks about discovering the switch, stating that he could tell the difference between the twins by their scent alone. He was fascinated by this scheme and loved the idea of sleeping with two separate women. Again, it’s a creepy analysis of the situation and odd that he would go along with it. Charlie says he just wanted Gina to be happy, but deep down I think he was in love with them both and greedily accepted both women.

The polygamous therapist appears harmless throughout the show, but when his secrets are revealed, he’s actually an oddball creep. He took advantage of a troubled teen and married his client. Then, when he realized his wife was swapping with Leni, he played along for his own gains. Talking of own gains, in the finale, Charlie wrote his own book on the whole drama and profited from it greatly. He really was just as manipulative as the twins themselves. Maybe they all deserve each other after all.

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