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August 19, 2022
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This article contains predictions for the Apple TV+ series Surface season 1, episode 7, and includes details on the release date and where to watch online.

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In this week’s instalment, James lays out all the key information still unknown to Sophie thanks to her memory loss. The twist comes when innocent Sophie is finally painted as the true perpetrator in this tantalizing tale. Here’s what happened in episode six of Surface:

  • James confesses to Sophie, explaining how they met and what led to their current predicament. They first met when Sophie was a waitress and James was a junior associate at a venture capital firm.
  • James shows Sophie around his expensive pad, but she instantly sees through all his lies. She reveals a little about her past and the two dance the night away.
  • James introduces Sophie to his friends. She impresses, boldly talking to a wealthy perspective client. She manages to convince him to invest, helping James get promoted in the process.
  • Harrison is worried about Sophie, with her fake persona and vague past. He wants to run a background check on her, but James argues back. Harrison threatens her at the couple’s housewarming party.
  • Sophie continues to lie about James’ successes. James tries to get her to stop, but she won’t. Upset, Sophie becomes distant and starts an affair with Baden.
  • In return, James has an affair with Caroline. Then, the two decide to try and rebuild their relationship once more.
  • Sophie orchestrates a long con, coercing James into a dodgy transaction. She steals all 11.2 million dollars and plans her own getaway. James catches on to this scheme and confronts her at the last minute. They argue over loving one another, even though Sophie is clearly trying to escape.
  • James walks home and finds her letter. He is informed that she is in hospital.
  • In the present, he pleads with Sophie, begging to start all over again, but she worries about the awful person she once was.

Surface season 1, episode 7 release date/time

The next episode is scheduled to premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday, August 26th, 2022, at 12 am PT.

Where to watch online

Viewers worldwide can catch Surface season 1, episode 7 on Apple TV+ at the date mentioned above.


  • Baden has been quiet of late. I think he’ll be predominantly featured in the next outing. Will Sophie confess to him about her con or will she hope he drops the case before finding out the truth? Baden can’t be involved in the con as well, but maybe he knows more than he is letting on.
  • James hopes to rebuild his relationship with Sophie, but she has a lot of soul searching to do. She has just discovered what a detestable human being she once was. Will she turn herself in? Or runaway once more?

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