Who died in Echoes season 1?

By Adam Lock
Published: August 19, 2022 (Last updated: November 10, 2023)
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This article, “Who died in Echoes season 1,” contains spoilers regarding the Netflix series.

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Echoes tells the story of identical twins, who swap lives on a yearly basis. These deceptive sisters have a habit of finding themselves in immoral situations and led a rather chequered past, filled with trauma and mystery. The thriller is therefore obviously going to feature multiple deaths and Echoes does have its casualties. Here’s a breakdown of everyone who died in the series who is of any importance to the plot. If we missed anyone, please comment below.

Who died in the Netflix series Echoes Season 1?

Maria McCleary

The twins’ mother Maria is introduced via flashbacks. It is evident that she was suffering from a deadly disease, possibly cancer, and passed away while they were young. The mother seemed to be losing her hair and growing weaker nearer the end, but it is only in the finale that we discover how she actually died. She didn’t die at the hand of the cancer, but instead was drowned. This traumatic death is witnessed by Leni, which causes the twin to become distant and cold in later life.

Leni saw her father drowning Maria in the family bathtub, but Victor always thought it was Gina who happened upon this awful event. The twins argue whether Victor killed Maria in a planned suicide out of pity or if it was cold-blooded murder. Victor told Gina that Maria was in a lot of pain and it was all planned, with apple blossoms in the bath tub, but Leni believes foul play. Gina accepts her father’s story, but the twins never agree on the motives, even in the series finale.

Zelda the horse

Leni’s disappearance works as the trigger for the ensuing madness. Gina returns to town and the police begin an investigation. Leni’s disappearance looks like a kidnapping, with the captors freeing the ranch horses as a distraction and ransacking the offices. In truth, Gina planned the whole thing as a ruse to aid in her own escape. She wanted to start a new life and planned the getaway with partner Dylan. One of the freed horses fell down a cliff and was fatally injured. Leni had to shoot her own horse out of pity. This wasn’t part of her plan though and the event upset Leni greatly.

Robert Craghorne

One of the major events in the twins’ past is a church fire. This blaze caused Dylan to flee town and first brought the twins to the police’s attention. The twins were suspects in the arson, but both lied, stating that they were at a Halloween party instead. During the fire, a homeless man living in the church, was killed. This man was called Robert Craghorne.

Leni blamed Gina for the fire, but it was in fact started by Leni. She was jealous of Gina and Dylan’s relationship and used the blaze to scare Dylan into leaving town. Leni told Dylan to runaway to protect Gina and then told Gina that it was suspicious he left town, if he didn’t commit the crime. It’s a manipulative scheme on Leni’s behalf that ended in a man dying.

Dylan James

At the start of episode four, a man is found dead in a truck. Both the body and the truck are burnt to a crisp. Sheriff Floss reveals that the body belongs to Gina’s lover Dylan, who was the father of her unborn baby too. They planned to escape and start a new life together, but Leni wasn’t having any of that. She attacked Dylan out of jealousy and slashed at his abdomen with a knife. Dylan bled out in his truck as Gina drove him to the hospital. She decided to burn the body by setting the car on fire.

Victor McCleary

The final death in Echoes comes at the end of episode six. Gina rushes over to check-up on her father, who has collapsed on the floor. He was suffering from congestive heart failure and only had six months left to live. With his last words, he alludes to the circumstances of Maria’s death and apologizes for messing Gina up in the process. The father dies on the spot and when Leni arrives, Gina says there was no point in calling 911. Victor’s body is lost in the house fire that follows. It is unclear how he exactly died, but his condition probably caused heart complications.

That concludes the roundup of all the deaths in Echoes season 1. What are your theories about Maria’s death? Please comment below.

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