5 Reasons to Watch Partner Track on Netflix

August 22, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the series Partner Track on Netflix.

Partner Track lands this week on Netflix, and no doubt the streaming giant will be hoping it attracts plenty of eyeballs. Ever since Suits came to an end, Netflix has been searching for another legal drama where we root for the characters both personally as well as professionally. Whether it quite manages to live up to those standards or not, there are still plenty of reasons why you should check out Partner Track on Netflix, here we cover 5 of the best. 

5 Reasons to Watch Partner Track on Netflix

Reason 1. It looks great

Stunning locations, outstanding wardrobe, great-looking cast, outstanding camera work. The production design on Partner Track set it up to be one of the best-looking shows on Netflix.   

Reason 2. It features a diverse cast

Aside from being male-dominated, the legal profession is also notoriously white. This is also, sadly, reflected in many of the television depictions of the legal profession. It is refreshing then to have a new show with a female lead, who is also 1st generation Korean American. Whilst, the show focuses on her professional and romantic life, it is great to see better representation on screen in such a mainstream show. 

Reason 3. The snappy one-liners

The trailer alone features about 5 ‘zingers’ suggesting that there is plenty more where that came from in the full-length series. Ingrid and her trusty colleagues keep the pace moving, making sure there are quips a-plenty to keep audiences entertained. 

Reason 4. It keeps it light in the right places

Promotion, rivalries, love, work-life balance. It’s a lot to keep in perspective but Partner Track doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes sure to balance out the serious with the more light-hearted stuff. This is a show making sure there is a healthy eye on entertainment.  

Reason 5. Who doesn’t love a good love triangle? 

One of the biggest decisions that Ingrid will need to make will be to choose between the rich and handsome man that is nice to her and the rich and handsome man that isn’t. No doubt viewers will have their favorites, but which will Ingrid choose? 

You will be able to watch Partner Track with a subscription to Netflix, and it will be airing on the streaming service on August 26th, 2022. 

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