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August 22, 2022
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This preview contains predictions for the HBO series House of the Dragon season 1, episode 2, including details of the release date and where to watch online.

It’s been a long time coming, and plenty of people will have many opinions about what happened in the series premiere of House of the Dragon. Here’s what happened in the premiere episode:

  • King Viserys I Targaryen and his Queen Aemma await the birth of their child.
  • Queen Aemma gets into difficulty whilst giving birth. Ultimately, King Viserys sacrifices her life for the unborn child, who dies just a few hours later.
  • Prince Daemon is removed as heir and sent back to his “Lady Queen”.
  • King Viserys I informs Princess Rhaenyra that she will now be next in line for the throne. But he warns her of a terrible secret, a winter that some call A Song of Ice and Fire.

House of the Dragon season 1, episode 2 release date/time

The second episode is scheduled to premiere on HBO on Sunday, 28th August 2022, at 9 pm ET/PT. This will be the second of a total of ten episodes this season.

Where to watch online

You’ll be able to watch House of the Dragon exclusively on HBO at the time mentioned above, or you can watch it on their streaming service, HBO Max, with a monthly subscription for $14.99 a month.


It looks like the battle for the throne has just begun, but much like Game of Thrones, there’s sure to be plenty of drama, death, and destruction along the way. Here are just a few predictions on what could happen next:

  • Prince Daemon will be the “rogue prince” of the episode.
  • There’ll be more death in the episode, but maybe no one significant.
  • King Viserys I will grow more ill as his back wound becomes infected.
  • Princess Rhaenyra will share “The Song of Ice and Fire” secret with someone, maybe Lady Alicent?
  • Also, Princess Rhaenyra seems to be getting built up as the one to take the throne. Obviously, this puts her in a ton of danger. And this makes me wonder if she will even make it out of the season alive. 
  • This leads me to my next point. For those that didn’t read the Game of Thrones books, would they have predicted that Ned Stark would be dead by the end of the first season? Not likely. So who will be the big death of House of the Dragon season one? At the moment, I’m thinking Princess Rhaenyra. Purely because it seems that House of the Dragon seems to be building a lot of its future story (purely going from what we’ve seen in episode one) on whether Princess Rhaenyra will take the throne. Therefore, no death will be more shocking than hers.

You can watch this series with a subscription to HBO Max.

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