5 Reasons To Watch Under Fire on Netflix

August 22, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the series Under Fire on Netflix.

Another Netflix series is set to drop this week! Under Fire is coming on 24th August 2022 and will follow a close-knit team of firefighters as they fight to balance their dangerous work against personal challenges and setbacks. 

With Under Fire coming to our screens very soon, here are 5 reasons you should watch the Netflix show:

5 Reasons To Watch Under Fire on Netflix

1. Under Fire features a very of-the-moment setting

It seems like, while it has been much-neglected as an environment to set film and TV over the years, firefighting has become a far more commonplace setting for entertainment. It makes sense when you think about it – life and death situations featuring protagonists that face the same stakes as the supporting characters. Even medical dramas struggle to do that with every episode, whereas the sky is the limit here.

2. Belgium has a good track record when it comes to exports

They’ve given us beer, chocolates, some cracking films that have been set in the country, and now Belgium brings us some homegrown entertainment. One would hope that with such a universal concept that Under Fire will travel well.

3. Potential family feel

A lot of the best shows center around the theme of family, whether that be literal or otherwise. Shows that lead with a single protagonist can be great, but when it comes to those that feature a bunch of characters that the show really couldn’t do without, they tend to have a broader appeal as they give a wider demographic more to grow attached to as they’re so relatable. Under Fire sounds like it is going to have that kind of a vibe, which is great in that sense, but also… show me a single TV ‘family’ where the family itself hasn’t added to the drama. My point exactly.

4. What we’ve seen so far looks incredible

The stills that have been released in the build-up to Under Fire arriving on our screens this week are absolutely phenomenal. It looks like some real craftsmanship has gone into the show.

5. Audiences looks set to be thrown right into the action

As well as being beautifully shot, Under Fire seems to have been made in a way that is going to keep audiences close to what is going on. Early glimpses of the show are surprisingly close to the action, which suggests it isn’t going to shy away from it’s more adrenaline-fuelled elements. 

You will be able to watch Under Fire with a subscription to Netflix.

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