5 Reasons to Watch Ludik on Netflix

August 24, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the series Ludik on Netflix.

One of the tremendous opportunities that Netflix has as a global streaming platform is to create content from a wide variety of territories and then distribute it across the world, allowing the local talent the opportunity to reach as wide an audience as possible with their work. Ludik, streaming on Netflix from 26th August 2022, is Netflix’s first Afrikaans production, here are 5 reasons to check it out. 

5 Reasons to Watch Ludik on Netflix

Reason 1. It stars Arnold Vosloo as the lead character. 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen him on screen and with the title role in Ludik, Vosloo has the chance to take on something meatier than the ‘henchman’ roles he often gets given in Hollywood productions. Vosloo has always had a commanding screen presence and hopefully, a lead role will be his time to shine. 

Reason 2. There is a mystery at the heart of it. 

Ludik is supposedly just a furniture salesman but his skills certainly seem to be in demand by some unsavory characters, Ludik will need to navigate his way through the respectable world and the criminal underworld to keep his life together. 

Reason 3. It looks action-packed

The tone of the trailer suggests that Ludik will be a pretty hard-hitting series that really packs a punch. Expect grizzled dialogue, a lot of explosions, car chases and gun fights. If the show backs up the promise of the promotional material then we could be in for a treat. 

Reason 4. It features some gorgeous locations

Setting your production in South Africa really gives you the chance to choose from a whole range of stunning locations when it comes to picking where you are going to film. From the trailer, it’s not just the external locations that look great either, with some great-looking production design on display. 

Reason 5. It could be great

With some great-looking locations, a solid leading man and an intriguing trailer, Ludik seems to have all the ingredients to become a top-drawer Netflix production that really delivers on its promise. 

You will be able to watch Ludik with a subscription to Netflix, it will be available on the streaming service on 26th August 2022

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