Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) ending explained – Can anyone truly own the Dune Buggy?

August 24, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) which will contain spoilers.

From our review: The plot centres around two brothers, who must reunite and set aside their old rivalries to get back the beloved Dune Buggy of their childhood. In their way is a moustache-twirling (not literally, sadly) gangster who wishes to take over the carnival showground for property development.

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Netflix film Watch Out, We’re Mad (2022) ending explained 

After burning down the circus and the Garage. The Cobras retreat to their palatial home. The brothers regroup at the Garage. Sorriso wants to take action, to help the circus performers, Carezza is too angry and too jaded to pitch in. They go their separate ways angrily. 

Meanwhile, back at the circus, the performers survey the damage done by the fire and weep at their loss, consoling each other where they can. Sorriso arrives on the scene and offers his help, but all seems lost.  Somber music plays over a montage as the night passes with everyone having to come to terms with their defeat. That is until Carezza picks up a lost photo of him and his brother as young boys, it seems as though something has stirred in him and is moved to take action. 

The next morning, as the performers are packing up and xx is having trouble with her car. Sorriso is playing 3 card monty with the others, clearly cheating. Carezza arrives on the scene, helps Miriam with her car, and restores everyone’s motivation with a typically understated speech. It’s time to take on the Cobras. 

At the celebration party for the new development being greenlit (threw that together quickly!), Torsillo makes a speech lamenting the demise of the circus but celebrating the opportunities it presents. His speech, however, is interrupted by the acapella group breaking into song. There is something suspicious about that group… 

Scajone is dispatched to stop the singing and taps the shoulder of the conductor, what do you know, it’s actually Carezza! He turns around and punches Scajone out. 

Just in time, the rest of the circus performers arrive in various modes of transport as Flight of the Valkyries plays, guests scatter in fear. As the brothers confront Torsillo, they make their demands, “or what?” asks Torsillo. At once, in unison they say “or else we’ll get mad”. The stage is set for an old-fashioned dust-up. 

The two sides clash in a punch-up featuring lots of open-handed slaps (taking lessons from Will Smith?!), bottles and chairs being broken over people’s heads and people being thrown into the swimming pool. 

Eventually, when it becomes clear they are doomed, Torsillo and Raniero leave the scene, leaving our heroes to finish up the battle. Miriam chases after Torsillo and confronts him, he pulls a gun on her, and just when it looks like he has the upper hand, the missing tiger appears! The camera cuts away and we hear the sound of our villain being comically mauled. 

As the last of the goons are dispatched, there is much rejoicing, with the good guys leaping into the pool to celebrate. We cut to a rebuilt circus and a voice-over telling us that everything ended well. All that’s left to deal with is which brother gets the dune buggy…

The brothers decide to settle it the only way they can, with sausages and beer. Just as they are about to get started Miriam wanders in and demands that she take part. They refuse and she wishes them each luck and leaves. We hear the sound of an engine outside. Miriam has stolen the beloved dune buggy! 

The end. Or is it? 

There is a post-credits sting where a scratched-up Torsillo and his son swear their revenge on the brothers, is there a sequel in the offing? 

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