Like for Like – 10 films like The Next 365 Days you must watch

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: August 25, 2022

This article discusses 10 films like the Netflix film The Next 365 Days you must watch.

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When the first film in the 365 Days trilogy was released, it came shortly after the end of Fifty Shades of Grey, so naturally, many compared the two. The book series follows a completely different story and emphasizes the sexual relationship more so than the other. Even though many don’t think there is a story there, it was interesting enough to garner two other installments. There are similar erotic thrillers that fans of the genre have watched and enjoyed before this. Some films have a nice balance between the intimate moments and the thrill of the story, while others lean heavily on one to sell it. We pay special attention to how the twisted story unfolds and how the characters end up connected in different ways.

Like for Like – 10 films like The Next 365 Days you must watch

Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)

The book series Fifty Shades of Grey instantly became popular after Twilight because it was known as fanfiction based on the characters. Sure, it was a more adult version of the story, but that is what drew people to the series. When Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were cast as the title characters of Christian and Ana, the movie became one of the most anticipated for many fans. What the movie highlights, similar to The Next 365 Days are the bond and undying love that the couple shares. It’s interesting to see their dynamic and how they grow to appreciate one another in different ways. What it shows is that the sexual nature isn’t what makes up their relationship entirely. It’s always more than that when it comes to intimacy.

After (2019)

Another fanfiction turned into a novel and of course, a movie. The book series written by Anna Todd is allegedly loosely based on fanfiction for a very famous band member. So, when the fans got wind of it, they carried out support for the series. It is about an inexperienced teenager who goes for this new mysterious student in her class. The teen angst is what carries this romantic drama because of what transpires between the two of them. Whether it was lust or love, the teenagers explore that for themselves in this series and it’s important to show that. After a series of parties and close encounters, Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) get closer than they ever thought they would. Tessa doesn’t want to get ahead of herself, but Hardin can’t seem to stay away from her. Much like the chemistry between Laura and Massimo, both of whom can’t seem to break away from the bond that they have. More so lust at first sight than love.

Bound (1996)

When tough ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon) and her lover Violet (Jennifer Tilly) concoct a scheme to steal millions of stashed mob money, they decide to pin the blame on Violet’s crooked boyfriend Caesar. This leans a bit more on the thriller aspect of the story instead of the sexual nature, but the tension between all three of them is there. In The Next 365 Days, Massimo does get involved with some business that Laura can’t be part of. Of course, that doesn’t work out and everyone gets involved afterward. We get to see dynamics change and people show their true colors in the end. Bound has a very engaging story, but that’s because Tilly is the one people enjoy watching out for.

Love and Other Drugs (2010)

Having Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as a couple in Love and Other Drugs was certainly an interesting pairing. Their chemistry really sold the story and you felt for both of them. It’s hard to navigate relationships in general, but when someone has an illness, love really comes to the forefront to see how to care for someone. Laura and Massimo in The Next 365 Days have had difficulty in their relationship because of outside people, and it’s really hard for them to move forward. Both films show how relationships can be tested and it’s ultimately up to the love that is shared between the couple to overcome those hardships.

Original Sin (2001)

The movie stars Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie, who both deceive the other at the beginning of their relationship. Luis Vargas (Banderas) sends for American Julie Russell (Jolie) from Delaware to be his mail-order bride. To Luis, Julia looks nothing like her photos and she explains that she wants more than a man who is only interested in a pretty face. He has also misled her into being a plantation owner instead of a poor clerk. A relationship that started out based on lies ends up turning into something different because they grow to trust each other. It’s a backward way of doing it, but it worked for their relationship.

Fatal Attraction (1987)

The one erotic thriller that made everyone who was in a relationship second guess their partner’s intentions. Fatal Attraction is about a married man’s one-night stand that comes back to haunt him when his lover begins to stalk him and his family. Michael Douglas and Glen Close give amazing performances, and their chemistry was fantastic. They made it so believable and Close was almost too perfect in this role. Everything about the stalking to the scene with the rabbit will leave you stunned. Close stole the spotlight and is the most talked about aspect of this movie. So when you see Massimo become this crazed lover in The Next 365 Days it’s similar to other characters that came before him.

Basic Instinct (1992)

Another actress who stunned everyone in an erotic thriller was Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. It’s almost like audiences are starved for women who are sure of themselves and have control over others. In the early 90s, this movie seemed to be a bit risque, and it also has Michael Douglas getting into the mix with an interesting female character. The movie is about a violent police detective who investigates a brutal murder that might involve a manipulative and seductive novelist. It’s almost intoxicating to watch Sharon Stone in this movie as she commands the screen. The seduction is the key element here that directly corresponds to how Massimo tends to get Laura and keep her by his side.

Unfaithful (2002)

In this steamy thriller Richard Gere and Diane Lane brought the heat and the drama. A New York suburban couple’s marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling. Edward and Connie Sumner have had a good life, but it seems Connie has other urges when she meets Paul (Oliver Martinez). Connie goes on a dangerous path as she hides this lifestyle from her husband. We see Diane Lane being torn apart in choosing which path to go on. The intimate moments in Unfaithful overpower the storyline because of how good the chemistry is between all of them. Much like Massimo and Laura, who have undeniable chemistry, so the story is always placed in the background.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

When Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were at their peak of being a couple, Eyes Wide Shut was an interesting movie for them to take on together. The script is the main takeaway as it highlights Alice Hardford’s (Kidman) unfulfilled longing in her marriage. Director Stanley Kubrick shows that she is the power in the relationship and William (Cruise) is the one who has been living his life in emptiness the whole time. When they attend a party that is masquerading as something it’s not, Alice and William find themselves part of a twisted night that is filled with lust. Every couple has their own insecurities that they tend to project onto one another, but once those things are said out in the open, the relationship changes.

Obsessed (2009)

Another film with an unconventional trio in the mix is Obsessed. This movie, by no means, is anything grand, but to have Idris Elba, Beyoncé and Ali Larter together to work through this story was interesting. A successful asset manager Derek (Elba), who has just received a huge promotion, is blissfully happy in his career and in his marriage. But when a temp worker Lisa (Larter) starts stalking him, all the things he’s worked so hard for are placed in jeopardy. The movie shows three different perspectives and has one of the best fight scenes between Beyoncé and Larter on screen. Larter plays such a twisted character, while Beyoncé does the detective work herself in this movie. It really is a hidden gem and everyone should watch it because of the cast. In The 365 Days trilogy Laura and Massimo really struggle when other people come into the mix, and it’s fun to watch.

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