Like for Like – 5 series like Lost Ollie you must watch

August 26, 2022
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This article discusses 5 series like the Netflix’s Lost Ollie you must watch.

Netflix’s Lost Ollie is now available to watch in full over on Netflix. Here is a list of five series like the streaming Netflix series that you just have to watch. Now that you have dried your eyes and fully recovered after the show’s emotional finale, you may want to try out some similar, family-friendly programmes. Here’s a list that may appeal to those that enjoyed the miniseries.

5 series like Lost Ollie you must watch

Forky Asks a Question (2019 – 2020)

Lost Ollie has garnered plenty of comparisons with the Toy Story franchise, and rightfully so, they both center on the tale of toys coming to life, searching to be reunited with their owners. If you have an urge to re-watch those Pixar classics then be my guest, but if you are looking for a smaller, much shorter undertaking then Disney +’s collection of ten short films may be your next port of call. Forky Asks a Question focuses on the polarizing character voiced by Tony Hale. This fun and breezy series has Forky ask other Toy Story characters simplistic yet profound questions on a whole range of subjects.

Sweet Tooth (2021 – present)

Netflix’s fantasy drama Sweet Tooth tells the story of a society recovering from a violent pandemic that wiped out most of the world’s human population. After the virus, hybrid babies were born and society instantly shunned these new creations. The first season follows the adventures of Gus, a half-human, half-deer boy. The show is just as charming and emotionally engaging as Lost Ollie, with both shows featuring an adorable character at the heart of their respected series.

Moone Boy (2012 – 2015)

Available on Hulu, this Irish sitcom from Chris O’Dowd originally aired on Sky One back in 2012. The series blends live action and animation, like Lost Ollie, following Martin Moone and his imaginary friend, played by Chris O’Dowd himself. Moone Boy explores this child’s vivid imagination and the whimsy of childhood in a very adult world. It’s a sheer delight that ran for three seasons. I highly recommend seeking out this hidden gem of a show.

The Adventures of Paddington (2019 – present)

With Ben Whishaw reprising his role from the hit movies, The Adventures of Paddington focuses on a much younger version of the lovable bear in animated form. The first 26 episodes are available on Netflix in the UK and the series was created by Nickelodeon, so it should be available in America too. It’s great to hear Ben Whishaw back as Paddington and to see the iconic bear up to his old tricks again. The animation style is just gorgeous and this show is a real treat that the entire family can enjoy – what’s not to love?

A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017 – 2019)

The Netflix series stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, a villainous actor who tries to steal the Baudelaire fortune with a whole host of hilarious disguises. Based on Lemony Snicket’s children’s book series of the same name, which was also adapted into a Jim Carrey film, this kids TV show ran for three seasons. It’s a deliciously fun adaptation that is visually stunning and filled with lots of sarcastic humor for the whole family.

Do you have any other recommendations for series like Lost Ollie? Let us know!

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