Bad Sisters season 1, episode 3 recap – “Chopped Liver”

By Adam Lock
Published: August 26, 2022
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In flashbacks, it’s a comedy of errors as the sisters try to kill JP for a second time, while in the present, the Claffin brothers continue to play detective. The show continues to deliver clever plotting and gripping drama, all mixed with that unforgettable, sarcastic wit.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 3, “Chopped Liver,” contains spoilers.

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We all know that JP is going to die, we just don’t know when or how. Do the Garvey sisters actually kill their vile brother-in-law or is this just one massive red herring and somebody else, an unknown suspect maybe, happens to be the real killer? All these unanswered questions and all that intense mystery helps keep viewers glued to Bad Sisters for another week as the series continues to surprise and entertain in equal measures.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 3 recap

In episode three, “Chopped Liver”, Bibi and Eva plan their second attempt at offing JP in the flashback timeline. They’ve tried accidental explosions, now they want to try the good old fashioned art of poisoning the man. The naïve murderers decide to bring in help this time around and a third sister becomes the focus of our attentions. Enter nurse Ursula, who is currently having a passionate affair with her photography teacher Ben. Of course, JP is privy to this affair and the deplorable monster decides to take full advantage of this scandalous knowledge.

The couple exit a hotel and actually kiss each other in public. They say their goodbyes and Ursula starts to reverse out of her parking space. Suddenly, she crashes into an oncoming vehicle, which happens to be John Paul’s. He’s clearly orchestrated the entire collision, happy to take her details in front of the hotel where she has been engaging in this infidelity. JP confronts Ursula, telling her to finish the affair now or he will.

In the present, the Claffins interrogate Ursula at her messy family home. They question her about JP’s death and Ursula lies about her whereabouts, sticking with the sisters’ consistent alibi. Thomas brings up the car crash involving JP and he shamelessly asks her if she was having an affair. Although Thomas gets it slightly wrong, believing she was committing adultery with JP, not the photography teacher. Offended, she asks them to leave, but Thomas has already gathered everything he needs and also took some sneaky photos of her large pill collection in the medicine cabinet.

Bibi and Eva decide to poison JP’s food in the flashback timeline, considering stuffing one of his meals with deadly mushrooms. They want Ursula’s medical expertise to help inject this poison safely into a slab of liver. This being the perfect food of choice as only JP eats that specific meat in the household. Although to me this still seems highly unpredictable, even if there is the tiniest chance that Grace or her daughter could eat it, I would have aborted the idea long ago.

Ursula comes to confess to her affair, telling Bibi and Eva that it has been going on for one year now and JP has threatened to tell her husband the horrid truth. Bibi blurts out their plans to kill JP and Ursula quickly proves her medical know-how. The mushrooms would induce vomiting and diarrhea, which would easily be identifiable and thus traceable even before death. Bibi is impressed and asks for her cooperation.

The flashback then moves onto a rather eventful Easter party. This sequence of events really drives home our pure hatred for JP and his diabolical schemes. He turns up unannounced with Grace, which instantly changes the party’s atmosphere. The brother-in-law then spies Ursula texting in private. He takes her phone without her knowledge and swaps his phone number with Ben’s. JP then asks Ursula for a cheeky photo, whilst pretending to be Ben, and she rushes into the toilets to pose for a revealing snap. He then makes Ursula fully aware of the trick and she ultimately throws up down the toilet. JP then informs her that he is sending the photo to Donal, her husband – she has been warned after all.

The ending

Ursula frantically drives over to the hospital where Donal works and deletes the messages and incriminating photograph from his phone without him becoming aware of any suspicious activity. It’s the most twisted but clever plotting that only adds to JP’s villainy and places pity on Ursula, even though she has sinned herself. As predicted, this act is the last straw for Ursula who swiftly provides Bibi and Eva with an untraceable poison packed into a syringe. She tells them to inject the liver, which will cause a heart attack. Their plans to swap the livers and poison JP go terribly wrong though and Grace’s dog ends up dying instead.

Back in the present, Thomas requests the post-mortem from an officer of the law, who begrudgingly accepts. Matthew and Becka go on an unusual date, where they get to know each other a little more intimately. Matthew explains that he is recovering from a broken heart and Becka talks about how her hopes to start a new business were ruined. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb here when I suggest that JP is more than likely involved in this broken dream. The couple kiss and in the final scene, the other sisters meet up without Becka, worried she may be the weak link in their sturdy defense.

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