Renewed or cancelled – will there be a Delhi Crime Season 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 26, 2022
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Renewed or cancelled - will there be a Delhi Crime Season 3?

This article discusses the possibility of Delhi Crime Season 3 and its renewed or canceled status. It contains spoilers for previous seasons.

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Netflix’s Delhi Crime is an impressive series, the first Indian one to ever win the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy. Created by Richie Mehta, it’s a gritty police procedural that contorts real life crimes into a fictionalized account that nonetheless avoids sensationalism. The result is taut, gripping mysteries with a deep consideration for the political and social context they exist within.

While the first season concentrated on the infamous 2012 Nirbhaya Gang Rape case, the second revolves around a quadruple murder ostensibly committed by the notorious Kachcha Baniyan gang, so-called for their tendency to carry out crimes dressed only in their underwear. The five-part series is engaging but all-too-brief, meaning fans will no doubt be questioning the show’s future. Here’s everything we know.

Renewed or canceled – Will there be a Delhi Crime Season 3?

Status: TBC

While at the time of writing Netflix hasn’t officially been renewed, it does seem like work on the third season has already begun. At the very least, a tentative script is being worked on, and there’s a chance the show is already in production, though it’s hard to find official confirmation of that anywhere.

Nevertheless, if a completed script is in existence, it seems only a matter of time before we hear word of a renewal. Since the three-year gap between the first season’s debut in 2019 and the second’s release in 2022 was likely a result of the pandemic and some other considerations, the smart money would be on the show debuting at some point in late 2023 or early 2024.

It’s expected that a third season of the show would follow the same format of being inspired by real-life events and deeply connected to real-life culture and politics. One can expect that any case chosen will be grim, and probably have a deep social relevance.

What is Delhi Crime?

Delhi Crime is an Indian crime drama TV series directed and written by Richie Mehta. It is inspired by real-life cases, though creates fictionalized accounts of them performed by an exceptional ensemble cast. The first season, released in 2019, revolved around the infamous 2012 Delhi gang rape, while the second focuses a trail of robberies and murders ostensibly committed by the notorious Kachcha Baniyan gang.

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