That’s Amor 2 – will there be a sequel to That’s Amor?

August 26, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a That’s Amor 2, a sequel to the Netflix film That’s Amor, and will contain spoilers. 

Another entry in the ever-growing library of movies in the “Rom-Foo-Com” genre (Romantic food comedies if you didn’t know…), That’s Amor gives us the classic tale of a girl that learns that to find love, she first needs to love herself. 

The rom-com genre is not exactly littered with successful sequels, but that is not to say that That’s Amor could not break with convention and be the exception that proves the rule. 

That’s Amor sequel potential release date

There is no news about a potential sequel yet, but with director Shaun Paul Piccinino currently committed to a project (The Island), it is likely we may have to wait a little while for a sequel to hit our screens. It is probably best to guess that we may need to wait until at least 2024 for another instalment in Sofia and Matias’ story. 

That’s Amor sequel cast -who might be in it? 

That’s Amor stars Riley Dandy as Sofia, Issac Gonzalez Rossi as Matias, Nancy Lenehan as Lainie, and Arlene Tur as Viviana. 

A possible sequel is likely to feature both Sofia and Matias, and at the least Nancy Lenehan as returning cast so it’s likely a safe bet that audiences would see the return of the central couple and Sofia’s ever-supportive Mother. 

That’s Amor sequel plot – what can That’s Amor 2 be about?

I like to imagine that as soon as they arrive in Madrid, Sofa and Matias immediately start to regret taking such an impulsive decision and quickly begin to bicker over mundane domestic chores. Quickly realize that they don’t really know one another all that well. 

Matias has a terrible day at work, which leads to him quitting and comes home and discovers Sofia cheating on him. He decides to reboot his life and follow his deep-rooted but long discarded passion for accountancy. While training as a chartered accountant in Madrid, he meets a quirky but confident woman who teaches him the power of self-respect. 

If they don’t call it That’s More Amor, someone should be fired.

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