Loving Adults 2 – will there be a sequel to Loving Adults?

By M.N. Miller
Published: August 27, 2022

This article discusses whether there will be a Loving Adults 2, a sequel to the Netflix film Loving Adults, and will contain spoilers. 

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The new Netflix Denmark film, Loving Adults, arrives on the streaming giant in the grand tradition of such revenge thriller films as 365 Days, The Next 365 Days, and Secret Obsession. With the popularity of these films, Netflix has been the Lifetime movie alternate for on-demand soapy, sexy, and revenge filed entertainment.

Loving Adults potential sequel release date

On Netflix, Loving Adults will be released this Friday, August 26th, 2022. The streaming giant has yet to announce a second Loving Adults film officially or unofficially. Considering the mass appeal of the genre, this is not out of the question. Especially since the 365 Days request came out recently. And considering how the film ended, with Christian still forced to keep the knot tied with Leonora, plenty of stories are left. Along with a healthy amount of revenge.

Loving Adults sequel cast – who can be in it?

Dar Salim’s Christian and Sonja Richter’s Leonora are must-haves for the sequel. When we left them, they were burning the body of Christian’s lover in a floating bomb fire on the lake. Her name was Xenia (played by Sus Wilkins). Why did they kill her? Well, Christian wanted to leave his wife for her, so he tried to kill her. Except, he ran over the wrong woman! Leonora blackmailed him on two counts – his business was started as a fraud and the murder of an innocent woman. To not go to jail, Christian must kill Xenia. Except, he chickens out, and Leonora comes in to do a man’s job. She stabs the beautiful Xenia in the back. Their son, played by Milo Campanale, can also play a key role.

Loving Adults sequel plot – what can Loving Adults 2 be about?

My theory will be that since Leonora taught Christian how to get away with murder, he will turn the tables on her. Why? For revenge for killing the woman, he loved her more than her. Another possibility would be a Leonora origin story since she killed her high school boyfriend. You can watch this film with a subscription to Netflix.

If they don’t call it That’s More Amor, someone should be fired.

You can watch this film with a subscription to Netflix.

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