Like for Like – 10 series like I Am a Killer you must watch

September 1, 2022
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This article discusses 10 series like I Am a Killer on Netflix and may contain spoilers. 

I Am a Killer is currently playing on Netflix and Season 3 is arriving too. Here is a list of five series like the acclaimed true crime docuseries. We have focused on other crime series like I Am a Killer, which looks at killers and the behaviors and motives behind their awful crimes.

10 series like I Am a Killer you must watch

The Confession Killer

As I Am a Killer examines the behaviors and motives of the killers on death row, how about someone who confesses but was lying? That’s precisely what happened in The Confession Killer. A docuseries examines the motive and the mindset of Henry Lee Lucas. A man who confessed to and lied about over 200 murders.

Death Row Stories

The acclaimed CNN docuseries looks at stories of individuals on death row. Why? Because these are stories that shine a light on the capital punishment system.

The First 48

The A&E contemporary classic follows real-life detectives as they must use their expertise and wits to find a suspect of murder within 48 hours, or the chances of solving the case drop dramatically. Equipped with confessions and interrogation footage, the police officers explore the motives and behaviors of why the murder took place.

I Am a Killer: Released

Yes, we have heard the confessions of the guilty, but what about the ones released? This series looks at killers who are paroled and the aftermath of acclimating themselves back into society.

I Just Killed My Dad

I imagine any murderer may look at their lives and wonder, “what if” they didn’t kill someone? Where would their lives have led? Ready Steady Cut film and television critic Kira Comerford poses that question as the killer in this film had so many failings around them that led to an awful decision. The story, at first, is unexplainable. But as the series progresses, we get insight and motive into why Anthony Templet shot his father.

The Innocence Files

While I Am a Killer deals with the guilty, this universally acclaimed series from documentary filmmaker Liz Garbus takes you inside the thought processes of innocent people convicted of murder and stories behind the system failures.

Inside the Criminal Mind

As we explore the behavior and motives of the subjects in I Am a Killer, Inside the Criminal Mind takes you one step further and looks at the psychological component that leads to their crimes.

Life and Death Row

While I Am a Killer focuses on all age brackets regarding being a killer, Life and Death Row looks at young adults between the ages of 19 to 24, convicted of murder and what led to their choice to commit murder.

The Motive

Before the Menendez brothers, we have The Motive, a docuseries about a 14-year-old boy in Jerusalem who was convicted of killing his family in 1986. What makes this docuseries fascinating is the filmmaker’s search for a motive and mindset of a child killer when none exists.

On Death Row

Another fascinating miniseries from the master documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog. The director focuses on capital punishment in the United States, and each episode focuses on a murder case where the accused is on death row. This is a must-watch!

Do you have any other recommendations for series like I Am a Killer? Let us know!