Off the Hook ending explained – do Lea and Manon get a happy ending?

September 1, 2022
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This article contains major spoilers for the Off the Hook Season 1 ending. You can check out our spoiler-free season review by clicking these words.

Off the Hook is about two women, Lea and Manon, trying to find themselves in the absence of their phones and social media profiles. Predictably, shenanigans ensue. This breezy French comedy might not tick all the boxes, but can it at least provide its protagonists with something resembling a happy ending? Well, let’s find out.

Off the Hook ending explained

You’ll recall that the inciting incidents for both women wanting to abandon their devices were romantic, in the case of Lea, and professional, in the case of Manon, and that trend continues all the way into the finale. Lea’s personal development is about getting over Guillaume and learning to love again, so the episode focuses on the progress of her connection with Gagan, while Manon continues to seek success in the music industry.

The best gimmick of the finale is how part of it emulates a good old heist, with everyone working together to break into the Enter the Circle show, and this is where the respective subplots of both women come together. Lea and Gagan kiss, while Manon gets to show off her talent. Just in time for the ending, things are majorly looking up for both women.

However, there’s always a spanner thrown in the works. In the case of Lea it’s a sudden promotion that will take her all the way to Martinique just as her love life is finally looking good. It’s a great opportunity and Gagan encourages her to take it, but their connection is strong for both of them, so the decision isn’t all that easy.

Thankfully, a different decision is made for everyone, since while at the airport Lea gets a call from her mum, who has been ripped off in India and has 24 hours to make bail. Thus, Lea and Manon, both with their phones back, jet off to India and presumably a second season, with Gagan and Bernie both there to support them.

It’s a fairly happy ending, then, at least on a personal level, though it’s worth asking what the point of the show might be if it picks up with both Manon and Lea still in possession of their phones. Another detox? Maybe, but I’m not sure how satisfying that would be.

You can stream Off the Hook Season 1 exclusively on Netflix. What did you think of Off the Hook’s ending? Let us know in the comments.

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