The Festival of Troubadours ending explained – do they make it to the festival?

September 2, 2022
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 This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film The Festival of Troubadours and will contain spoilers.

From our review: “A great-looking movie with wonderful cinematography A Festival of Troubadours packs an emotional punch but is too heavy-handed to really leave a mark.” 

Eventually, Yusef and Havas Ali arrive at their destination, Havas Ali is welcomed with open arms but Yusef declares he needs to visit a client. He leaves and the troubadours play a mournful song of Havas Ali’s composition.

Whilst in the car, Yusef gets a call to inform him his father is in the hospital. He makes his way there hastily and takes his seat along with one of Havas Ali’s disciples. After a brief discussion with a nurse, he discovers that his father is on a ventilator.

Visiting his father in his hospital bed, Yusef tenderly, takes his hand and whispers words of affirmation to his ailing Father. He carefully picks up his Father’s cap and inside finds a picture of the two of them, taken when Yusef was a young boy. Yusef weeps at the discovery that has been in his Father’s thoughts all this time.

Netfflix film The Festival of Troubadours ending explained

Yusef is determined that his Father will get to the festival, so off they go. Yusef drives, with his father in the back. After a long drive, they make it, Havas Ali is wheeled out in the hospital bed, but he has finally made it to his spiritual home.

At death’s door the Troubadours play for him and with his son by his side, he, at last, finds peace. It is sadly time to head back to the hospital bed and they all make their way back.

En route, Yusef takes a final stab at making it up with his Dad, finally coming to terms with each other,.just time for Havas Ali to die in the back of the ambulance.

Yusef stalks the countryside and weeps, before taking a seat on the Riverside and strums on his father’s Saa; a flashback sequence of his childhood plays. Finally, he seems to have forgiven and now, grieves for his father.

Yusef drives home and idly pops a tape of his Father’s into the tape deck. The movie closes with Havas Ali’s prophetic lyrics playing over the music.

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