Cuttputli ending explained – who is the magician?

September 3, 2022
Lori C. 0
Ending Explained, Film
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This article discusses the ending of the film Cuttputli and will contain spoilers.

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Cuttputli is a film about a wannabe filmmaker, turned police inspector, turned serial killer hunter, and occasional Bollywood romance lead. Halfway through the movie, Arjan and his team were convinced that Payal’s pervy Math teacher was the killer. The niece being kidnapped at her birthday party disproved that. I have to admit, Payal’s death was shocking. Arjan saved her from the math professor in the nick of time, yet he couldn’t do the same when the actual killer got their claws on the poor girl. 

However, his niece’s untimely demise turned out to be the motivation Arjan needed to finally crack open the case. Following an investigation that took way too much screen time, we learned that the killer was a mute woman magician who chose victims based on who volunteered at her magic shows. We also learn that the woman was a British national by the name of Agnes who had a son, Christopher. 

Arjan, as the now-respected serial killer expert, learned exactly who the magician’s next victim would be. And he decided to use the poor girl as bait. As expected, the young student is kidnapped, Arjan manages to save her, and the killer escapes and kidnaps the deaf niece of our hero’s love interest. The movie fails to explain why this serial killer with 0 connection to Arjan picks someone he cares for as their next victim. 

Cuttputli ending explained

In the final act, Arjan confronts the magician. As it turns out, Agnes is not the serial killer. It’s actually Christopher in a wig. The real Agnes dies while on her way to pick up Christopher from a mental asylum. So the son decided to keep her memory alive by impersonating her and murdering innocent teenagers. 

Christopher is a very polite serial killer. Before the final fight, he reveals his backstory to Arjan. Apparently, our killer suffers from a rare genetic disorder making him age prematurely. His mother, Agnes, decided to leave the U.K. and move to India in the hopes that people in their new country would be more accepting of her son’s condition. They weren’t. And Christopher was bullied into oblivion. However, the young boy was sure he had found true love when a pretty classmate by the name of Sophia befriended him. Sadly, Sophia rejected him romantically, so he killed her. Agnes took the fall, went to prison, and then she died. From then on, Christopher started murdering pretty girls as revenge for being better-looking than him. That, and…. He also said he really enjoyed being a killer. 

As soon as Christopher finished his monologues, he and Arjan fought. Arjan wins the fight with a little help from the niece. The film ends with our hero walking away victorious as he embraces his love interest and her niece.