5 Reasons to Watch Entrapped on Netflix

September 4, 2022
Louie Fecou 3
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix series Entrapped.

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Netflix continues to mine the best international TV that they can find, and Entrapped is another example. Slow-burning crime drama Entrapped is an Icelandic show, and actually the 3rd season of the Trapped franchise. Here are our top 5 reasons for tuning in.

5 Reasons to Watch the crime drama series Entrapped on Netflix

Reason 1. The Premise

There is a mystery at the heart of Entrapped featuring a murder, a missing woman, and a turf war on the horizon between two warring factions. Two groups are at war, a biker gang and a mysterious cult, but are the events linked, and will our hard-pressed detectives Andri and Henricka be able to figure out what is happening before hell breaks loose? If this season is anything like the previous two, then Entrapped looks set to be a gritty twisted drama done with all the style we normally expect from this production team. This premise looks set to be a puzzling complex problem, and watching our heroes navigate the landscape will be a grim and moody joy.

Reason 2. The Production

If you are a fan of this kind of Scando-Icelandic mystery then you will be pleased to see that all the tropes we enjoy look present in Entrapped. Moody bleak and claustrophobic, slow-burning scenes of the desolate landscape, grounded and 3-dimensional characters, and a dark ambient soundtrack. With creator Baltasar Kormakur on board for this third outing, it’s a safe bet fans will not be disappointed.

Reason 3. The Cast

The third outing sees the return of Trapped regulars Olafur Darri Ollafson and Ilmur Kristjansdottir as Andri and Hinricka stepping perfectly back into their roles on the show. The season takes place two years after the previous one, and we pick up on what the characters have been doing since then.

Reason 4. The Ongoing Legacy

If you are a fan of Trapped then there is no way you are going to miss this third season. Returning cast and creators means the characters will continue to develop and grow, and receiving a third season shows that everyone involved in this project really believes in it. If you have never watched Trapped, then you are in for a great time. Go to the first two seasons and enjoy them before watching Entrapped. You will be won over by the performances, location, and claustrophobic atmosphere, and grow to love the setting and the players involved.

5. The direction

So if you haven’t watched the trailer then check it out here and come back after you have seen it:

Ok, now tell me you aren’t getting goosebumps from this bleak and desolate trailer, and what’s more there definitely seems to be hints of countryside folk horror here. The cult in the story seems to be giving off Midsomer or Wickerman vibes, and things seem almost supernatural at some points. This folk horror angle will bring a new atmosphere to the proceedings and we are on board for that. Seeing how our team handles all these disparate elements looks like great TV viewing, and we are really rooting for this to be a hit.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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