5 Reasons to Watch The Imperfects on Netflix

September 4, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix series The Imperfects and does not contain any spoilers.

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Another Netflix Original Series is on the way! The Imperfects is coming to the platform on 8th September 2022, and with its experimental gene therapy gone wrong synopsis, it sounds like it could be worth a punt.


5 Reasons to Watch The Imperfects on Netflix

Reason 1. A nice change to other offerings for the same demographic

The Imperfects is clearly aimed at Netflix’s more adolescent demographic, and when you consider the usual fodder offered to this age range, this show does seem rather refreshing. There isn’t a single high school clique in sight! Whether it’s Netflix producing them or not, shows aimed at teens and slightly older tend to all come across as one-in-the-same – The Imperfects does seem a little different, which is notable.

Reason 2. The trailer has a quirky sort of charm to it

It felt hard to dislike the trailer as I was watching it. There’s something about it that does make you think it would be worth a watch. It kind of wears its heart on its sleeve; knows exactly what’s up, and isn’t shy about it, and I suppose when you consider what the overall themes of The Imperfects are likely to be, that’s a really good way for the show to come across. 

Reason 3. VFX don’t look half bad

VFX have come to be very hit-or-miss recently, even when you ignore out-of-context screen grabs from whatever the latest MCU release is. I was skeptical ahead of watching the trailer here, but from what I’ve seen, I will say things could be a lot worse. Obviously, it is the trailer and so any examples will have been pretty carefully selected, but what’s shown is enough for me to give this particular element the benefit of the doubt.

Reason 4. Looks like X-Men, but with leanings toward more horror folklore

Mutant-centric films and TV shows are never not going to be likened to X-Men, so it’s almost not even worth mentioning outside of how they will differ from that franchise. The Imperfects looks to lean more on horror folklore when it comes to its mutants, with a banshee, chupacabra, and succubus taking centre stage. The fact that the show looks like it may build on existing legends and mythology does heighten my curiosity, I have to say.

Reason 5. Kim Garland

Although not exactly a household name, Kim Garland does seem to have a lot of experience when it comes to horror-esque projects. The Imperfects looks like it might be one of her first more substantial endeavors, but hey – just because someone is at the start of their journey doesn’t mean you should write them off as a total greenhorn. Her IMDB bio makes for interesting reading – some might say she was born to do horror, which is surely a good sign.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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