5 Reasons to Watch Narco-Saints on Netflix

September 5, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix K-Drama series Narco-Saints and does not contain any spoilers.

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Narco-Saints is a six-part k-drama launching on Netflix on September 9, 2022, and looks set to be a sleeper hit for the streaming service, but why should you tune in?

5 Reasons to Watch the K-Drama Narco-Saints on Netflix

Reason 1. The Premise

The story of a civilian being coerced into going  undercover to infiltrate a drug lords cartel is automatically an exciting and engaging plot, then add the high production values and no holds barred approach to story telling that the current k-dramas bring to the screen, and we are already on board. Sure we may have seen this story told before, but Narco-Saints looks set to have a few twists and turns that may elevate this above previous productions,

Reason 2. The Production

This series just looks amazing. Check out the trailer and see that everything here looks like a big budget movie. Yoon Jong-Bin is an amazing director, and he has made the budget stretch with sumptuous sweeping shots and sets. We see tanks, planes and military attacks, as well as dramatic gun toting stand offs. The tag line tells us that “trust is the deadliest deal” and we are trusting that this series will deliver.

You can watch the trailer here:

Reason 3. A New Crime Show

If you are a fan of shows such as Narcos, then you should be excited for this release. After 3 seasons of Narcos, this could fill the gap you may have been experiencing since that show ended. Narcos was hugely popular and it looks like Narco-Saints could cover some familiar territory, however given the k-drama spin, Narco-Saints might surprise fans of the genre.

Reason 4. The Cast

Fans of k-drama may notice a few familiar faces from other productions in the cast. Actors such as Kang In Gu, who plays Ha Jung Woo was also in Age of Warriors and Honest Living, while Yoo Yeon Seok plays David Park, and you may have seen him before in Mr. Sunshine, and of course Park Hae Soo who plays Choi Chang Ho, will be recognized from the phenomenal international smash hit Squid Game. With such a great cast it looks like the series is in safe hands.

Reason 5. The Thrill of it All

There aren’t many action crime shows on offer just now, probably because they are expensive to make and take a lot of time. Narco-Saints looks set to be a fantastic entry into the genre, and it’s worth noting that this is the most expensive Korean drama ever produced, so they haven’t skimped on any aspect of the series at all. With the trailer making sure we know exactly what to expect, Narco-Saints is shaping up to be another hit. Drug lords, undercover operatives, secret government operations, guns, tanks and explosions, this looks like a thrill ride and could be a great watch for Autumn on Netflix.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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