Pinocchio (2022) – Everything we Know About the Disney+ film

By Jacob Throneberry
Published: September 6, 2022

This article discusses the upcoming Disney+ film Pinocchio (2022), including the premise, cast and crew, release date, trailer, and more.

Pinocchio has been an extremely active character recently; in the 3 years from 2019-2022, there will have been 3 adaptations of the beloved story. In Robert Zemeckis and Disney’s version of Pinocchio, it looks as though they are directly remaking the beloved 1940 film – one that is a staple for Disney even today – and giving it the live-action touch Disney has been doing so much of recently.

Disney+ Film Pinocchio (2022) cast and crew

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Writer: Robert Zemeckis, Chris Weitz
Tom Hanks (Gepetto), Cynthia Erivo (The Blue Fairy), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Jiminy Cricket), Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (Pinocchio)

Pinocchio (2022) premise

After losing his son, clockmaker Gepetto (Tom Hanks) creates a boy entirely out of wood to fill a hole in his heart. After wishing upon a star, a Blue Fairy comes down and allows the wooden boy the ability to move and speak, giving him the chance to earn his way to one day becoming a real boy. With the help of his conscience – a talking cricket by the name of Jiminy – Pinocchio travels far and wide to learn what it means to be a real boy.

Our thoughts on the premise

The story behind Pinocchio is as straightforward as one can get. While there might be a new version coming this Winter in Guillermo del Toro’s Netflix adaptation of the material, this one might be more suited for lifelong fans of the original who are wanting the live-action look. The cast looks strong in this, especially Tom Hanks in the role of Gepetto, and with a well-established filmmaker like Robert Zemeckis directing, the film could find a home in the hearts of Disney die-hard fans.

Pinocchio (2022) trailer

Here is the trailer:

Our thoughts on the trailer

The trailer for Pinocchio looks fun. Zemeckis seems to be making a fully colorful and creative retelling of this story that mixes CGI and real characters well. Also, if the film is to take a more musical approach, then the cast of singers already sounds more than capable of providing the vocals for this film.

Disney+ Pinocchio release date

Pinocchio is set to release on September 8, 2022, on a day that is being dubbed “Disney+ Day.” Disney+ Day is a massive day for the company as it is one that highlights both the past, present, and future of Disney content.

You will be able to watch this film with a subscription to Disney+.

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