No Limit 2 – will there be a sequel to No Limit?

September 9, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a No Limit 2, a sequel to the Netflix film No Limit, and will contain spoilers. 

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The Frech drama, No Limit, premiered on Netflix on September 9 and it’s very loosely based on the life of champion free diver, Audrey Mestre. The film follows the toxic romance of protagonists, Roxy and Pascal. She ran away from her studies in Paris to learn free diving, he became her coach. Their intense love story eventually comes to a sad and abrupt end. RSC film critic, Romey Norton, describes the movie as “a strong story with a sad ending.” While the story seems fully wrapped up by the end, is a sequel on the table?

No Limit sequel potential release date

It’s hard to say when a potential No Limit 2 could be available to stream on Netflix. Considering the film’s relatively warm reception, it would make sense for a second instalment to be greenlighted, written, filmed and produced within a couple of years. If they were to try and continue the story, likely, we won’t see it until at the very least 2024. 

No Limit sequel cast – who might be in it?

At the end of No Limit, Roxy tragically passed away while trying to break a freediving record. The film did leave room for doubt of whether Pascal had anything to do with her accident. Despite the death of her character, Camille Rowe might appear in flashback scenes. Sofiane Zermani could also reprise his role, as Pascal. 

No Limit sequel plot: what could No Limit 2 be about?

Part two of No Limit could focus on Pascal and how he’s dealing with Roxy’s loss. The film may show through flashbacks whether he did in fact mess with his beloved’s oxygen tank on that fateful day. It may be revealed that he did it to get revenge after learning about her affair with Tom. However, despite having committed a perfect murder, Pascal is struggling with the guilt of his actions and falls into a deep depression. Is redemption possible for him after his horrific actions? Or is he cursed to be forever haunted by Roxy’s image? 

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