Pinocchio 2 – will there be a sequel to Pinocchio (2022)?

September 9, 2022
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This article discusses whether there will be a Pinocchio 2, a sequel to the Disney+ film Pinocchio (2022), and will contain spoilers. 

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Disney+ just released the newest addition to its collection of live-action re-makes of beloved classics. This time, they remade the 1940s animated adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s fantasy novel about a puppet named Pinocchio who really wants to be a real boy. 

The original wholesome movie from 80 years ago is considered one of the best animated films to have been made. However, this new adaptation, like most of the other live-action remakes Disney produced over the past decade, has been received rather coldly by critics. It’s only been a day, so maybe people will warm up to the remake. Or, at the very least, enjoy Tom Hank’s marvelous performance as the lonely Geppeto. Now, the real question is: Will the 2022 version of Pinocchio get a sequel?

Pinocchio (2022) sequel potential release date

Pinocchio was released on the Disney+ streaming platform on the 8th of September 2022. As there’s no official talk of a sequel we can only speculate on timings. The original animation was made nearly a century ago, and a potential part 2 wasn’t even up for discussion until the early 2000s. While that potential sequel never came to fruition, the producers might be considering bringing the project to the live-action drawing board. 

Pinocchio (2022) sequel cast – who might be in it?

If Disney does decide to green-light a sequel to Pinocchio, we expect that most of the main cast will reprise their roles. Tom Hanks could return as Gepetto, Cynthia Erivo as the Blue Fairy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt could voice Jiminy Cricket and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth may come back to lend his voice to the title character. 

Pinocchio (2022) sequel plot: what could Pinocchio 2 be about?

At the end of Pinocchio, our titular puppet found himself at risk of losing his father because of his childish recklessness. By saving Geppeto’s life, the little wooden boy proved himself to be as real as any other, so he got his wish and was turned human. In a potential sequel, we could see Pinocchio turn back into a puppet as a result of some mischief. Maybe Honest John, the con artist who originally led Pinocchio astray, could return and convince him to do something terrible. The seriousness of Pinocchio’s actions could leave the Blue Fairy with no choice but to re-puppet the boy and force him to prove himself once more.

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1 thought on “Pinocchio 2 – will there be a sequel to Pinocchio (2022)?

  • September 21, 2022 at 6:39 pm

    If they do a sequel to the Disney Pinocchio live action remake released in 2022, I would love for Monstro to look more like a Livyatan-like sperm whale this time around. That Grand Coquin/Honest John and Gédéon have a heroic role; that the schoolmaster who dismissed Pinocchio be punished; and that the music of “Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee” will also be present.

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