Reboot – Everything We Know About the Hulu Series

September 9, 2022
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This article discusses the Hulu series Reboot, including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.

We have a brand new series from the co-creator of Modern Family set to release on Hulu in Reboot. The series is a comedy that forces a dysfunctional cast back together who must deal with their issues from the past today.

Here’s everything we know about the return of the Hulu series Reboot.

Hulu series Reboot release date

The first three episodes of Reboot will stream on Hulu on September 20, 2022, with one episode a week airing for ten total episodes ending on October 25, 2022.

Hulu series Reboot premise

Courtesy of Hulu – Hulu reboots an early 2000’s family sitcom, forcing its dysfunctional cast back together. Now they must deal with their unresolved issues in today’s fast-changing world.

Our thoughts on the Premise:

The premise gives me some intrigue because taking a family sitcom and fast-forwarding over twenty years later could make for an interesting dynamic. You reflect on the infamous clashes behind the scenes of some of our favorite TV shows. How some of them fast forward to now to realize maybe, they were being childish or still hate each other, and the situation will make for fun TV. Another big win for the series on the surface level is that I was a big fan of the early days of Modern Family, so Steven Levitan on the creator side of things automatically interested me.

The production team

Executive Producer: Steven Levitan, Danielle Stokdyk, and Jeff Morton

Hulu series Reboot main cast

Here is the confirmed cast:

  • Keegan-Michael Key – Reed
  • Johnny Knoxville – Clay
  • Judy Greer – Bree
  • Paul Reiser – Gordon
  • Rachel Bloom – Hannah
  • Calum Worthy – Zach
  • Krista Marie Yu – Elaine

Is there a trailer?

Yes, there is a trailer:

The trailer introduces us to each character from “Step Right Up,” and honestly, that alone was worth giving this show a shot. However, the trailer doesn’t stop there. Next, we get introduced to the showrunner of the old show, and he is a bit out of touch with society. My goodness, I haven’t laughed this hard at a trailer in a long time. Everything you could want from a trailer happens and has me excited to watch Reboot now.

You can watch the series with a subscription to Hulu.