Central Park season 3, episode 3 recap – “Ice Ice Not Baby”

September 9, 2022
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“Ice Ice Not Baby” was a nice bounce-back episode as Tucci and Diggs thrive as Bitsy and Helen.

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“Ice Ice Not Baby” was a nice bounce-back episode as Tucci and Diggs thrive as Bitsy and Helen.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 3, “Ice Ice Not Baby,” contains spoilers.

We saw the return of Kristen Bell in the role of Abby in episode two of Central Park as she comes to New York to chase her dream of being an actress. How will she adapt to the big city with the family? Let’s dive in.

Central Park season 3, episode 3 recap

It’s the last week of the skating season, and Molly is alone and sad at the skating rink. So how did we get here? Well, Birdie hops in to tell us that three hours earlier than we see Molly and a boy skating together while singing a song. Everything seemed to be going great between the two. First, however, Molly attempts to put her hands in his pockets to warm up her hands, but it gets awkward. Then Molly asks if they will partake in the Couples Skate, which Brendan obliges.

We move to my favorite character Bitsy who is going over her schedule with Helen. At 3:30, she has the first meeting with the interim Mayor today. She has it planned for two of their employees to act on her behalf to talk about how great of a boss she is. Bitsy always announces she will fire the front desk lady for giving someone a free upgrade. Helen retorts, “oh, the horror.” I can’t get enough of these two together. It makes the show worth it all in itself.

At the Owen and Paige house, where Abby arrives to say she booked her first gig in a commercial. Cole is excited and says he will help her prepare for the audition. Back to Molly and Brendan, who get her some skates that fit, and off to get a snack together. A crew of friends from school confronts the crew about Molly finally getting out of the house from her homework.

Bitsy has her meeting with the interim Mayor. As they sit there, her “employees” (the ones Helen got to say nice things) are walking up to say all these wonderful things about Bitsy in front of the Mayor. The Mayor is an interesting character, and while someone brought in towels, he got excited and asked Bitsy to take him to the laundry room so he could see it.

Abby is prepping for an audition with Owen and Cole, and things aren’t going as she wants them to. Back to the skating ring, where Molly is acting a little wild pretending for the upcoming Couples Skate. When Bernard gives her a score of an 8, she isn’t thrilled with it because they are supposed to give each other 10s. This leads to an argument between the duo, which causes him to storm away.

And if the show’s songwriting couldn’t get any funnier, we get a song surrounding laundry. After the song is over, the Mayor says he would love to stay in the laundry room more, and Bitsy says they have some business to discuss. The Mayor says they could chat over them doing some laundry which Bitsy refuses to say yes to even though Helen is telling her to say yes.

Meanwhile, back at the rink, Molly tells her friends that she and Brendan got into a fight, and they said it would help her get to the bottom of their argument. Her friends were going over scenarios to help, but none of them were working. She can’t figure out the problem (we can as she acted crazy over him giving her an 8).

The Front Desk Clerk has arrived in the laundry room, and Bitsy informs her she is fired. While Bitsy is trying to be discreet, the Mayor hears what is happening. So Bitsy is forced to do an about-face with the entire situation and says she is giving her a promotion. Moments later, the Mayor walks away, and Bitsy sends Helen to fire her.

The ending

After discussing every scenario that could’ve led to her argument with Bernard, Molly determines it was him being jealous of talking to another boy. So she hunts Bernard down to confront him about that. However, Bernard tries to fire back at Molly because that isn’t the case. Molly takes his hot chocolate away from him because it’s hurting his stomach. She realized he had bought her a present but threw it in the trash. When she picked it up out of the garbage, she looked up, and he was gone.

Back to the Bitsy and the Mayor, the duo had a wonderful day together. Bitsy finally plants the seed in his ear that she wants to see him as more than interim Mayor. Then follows by saying she supports him financially and, in return, helps her with something, including getting Central Park. The Mayor says he is working with Owen and that she should work with him and will set it up. Bitsy isn’t thrilled with how it all turned out.

After the entire episode of prepping for the audition, Abby gets a call from her agent that she isn’t getting the role. While everyone thought she would be down, come to find out, someone else got the part that was a big star, so she equated that with being a good thing.

Poor Molly is alone as the Couples Skate is set to begin. First, however, she sees a microphone and asks to use it. Over the intercom, Molly announces that she is looking for Brendan. He appears. She tells him she understands why he didn’t want her to put her hands in his pockets. Bernard explained why he was upset and shared his concern that he doesn’t know anything about art. A cute little moment between these two. The episode ends with the duo knocking the dance out of the ballpark with Birdie serenading us.

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