5 Reasons to Watch Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix

September 10, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and does not contain spoilers.

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There is no denying that Anime is incredibly popular and has an ever-growing fan base. It may not have the Western public awareness of the MCU or DC but there is always a lot of excitement when a new series drops. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is the latest Anime from Netflix and is based on the popular Cyberpunk 2077 video game. Already there’s a buzz from within fandom for the project and just in case you are still on the shelf here are 5 reasons you should tune in.

5 Reasons to Watch the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners on Netflix

Reason 1. The premise

The cyberpunk genre has a huge audience that loves everything to do with the genre, and Edgerunners goes straight for everything that their audience wants. There are hints of everything here from Bladerunner to Cyberpunks, so fans will buy into the premise instantly. Taking a streetwise kid, trying to survive in the dystopian future of Edgerunners will help put the viewers straight into the action, and main character David acts as our eyes and ears, as we experience the future world from his perspective. This is a great angle that fans will love.

Reason 2. The Production

With Netflix and CD Projekt Red , the company behind the game, at the helm here, it has to be said that there has been a good budget at hand for the animators to work with, and a quick look at the trailer should give you an idea of the production values. Animation company Studio Trigger are such a safe pair of hands when it comes to this style of animation, that viewers can rest assured there will be plenty of jaw dropping scenes to marvel at. It is also obvious that the 10 episode series will not shy away from the bloody and violent side of the game, so die hard fans can stop worrying that the series will be aimed at a family audience. We have put the latest trailer here so you can see the production values at work. Anyone else getting A Clockwork Orange homage here ? NSFW.

Reason 3. You don’t need to know the game to watch the series

If you are not familiar with the Cyberpunk world, and the game franchise that has spawned this series, there’s no need to worry. The 10 episode series is a completely new story, so you do not need to know anything before watching. However fans of the games will perhaps be one step ahead of casual viewers, with well know iconic imagery, concepts and characters from the game making appearances too. Something for everyone here, but no previous experience required.

Reason 4. The animation

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners just looks great. I know we only have the series of trailers to go by, but the latest dropped selection of clips looks awesome. There are some great taglines here, “You either lose your mind, or die.” and yes, trailers can make anything look great, but the fast paced editing and ultra violent imagery, laced with strobing images are presented with such confidence that you can’t help but want to watch. Studio Trigger are behind the animation, and that is a very good signpost for the series to have.

Reason 5. The Needledrops

At this point, I have no idea what the soundtrack will be like, but oh that trailer ! The latest edit has a Cyberpunk version of Beethoven’s Symphony Number 9 playing over the edit, and those explosions, attacks and gun battles are matched with the music perfectly. If the attention to the music in the actual series is anything like the trailer then it can only add to the experience.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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