Renewed or cancelled – will there be a Season 3 of Industry?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: September 10, 2022
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Renewed or cancelled - will there be a Season 3 of Industry?

This article discusses the possibility of Industry Season 3 on HBO and its renewed or canceled status.

HBO’s Industry is low-key one of the best shows on TV. A co-production with the BBC that follows on from an underseen first outing in 2020, you can kind of picture the show if you imagine the halfway point between Succession and Euphoria. It’s about (mostly) young people trying to make their way in the cutthroat world of international finance, all while trying to keep their various addictions, neuroses, and sexual peccadilloes in check. The show is consistently talked-about, and with the ending of the second season only a couple of weeks away, attention will invariably turn to its future.

Here’s everything we know.

Renewed or canceled status – will there be a Season 3 of Industry?

Status: TBC

At the time of writing the show hasn’t been renewed or canceled, so its future remains up in the air.

Surprisingly, Industry doesn’t perform exceptionally well in terms of viewership, and it’s actually down in live numbers from the previous season, even though there seems to be much more social media traction this time around. Those who like the show seem to really like, and it’s a critical darling, with the second season having been reviewed very positively on these hallowed pages ever since its premiere.

So despite the viewership, the fact that Industry is so beloved, coupled with the fact that its joint-custody arrangement with the BBC saves HBO money up-front, means there’s a very strong chance that we’ll see the show continue.

What is Industry?

Per HBO:

Industry follows a group of hungry, young graduates competing for a limited number of permanent positions at Pierpoint & Co., a leading bank in London, while being thrown head-first into the exhilarating world of international finance.

You can currently stream Industry Season 2 on HBO and HBO Max

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