Next Time On… Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 5

By Jordan Lyon
Published: September 14, 2022 (Last updated: March 6, 2023)
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Next Time On… Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 5

This article contains predictions for the Hulu series Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 5.

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The series seems to get slightly stronger with each episode. The more we learn about the characters, the more we care about the situations that they find themselves in. It’s proving to be quite an enjoyable series. Here is what occurred in the fourth episode:

  • Lucy and Pippa come to blows.
  • Bree becomes a nude model.
  • After being insulted by the guy she lost her virginity to, Bree almost hooks up with Drew. 
  • Stephen attends and messes up an interview. But he is only honest to Diana about it.
  • Lucy continues to spend time with both Stephen and Max. Although as the episode ends, Lucy seems more interested in spending time with Stephen.

Tell Me Lies season 1, episode 5 release date/time.

The fifth episode, titled “Merry F*cking Christmas”, is scheduled to premiere on HBO on Wednesday, 21th September 2022. This will be the fifth of a total of ten episodes this season.

Where to watch Tell Me Lies online

You’ll be able to watch Tell Me Lies exclusively on Hulu, and you can get a monthly subscription for $6.99 a month. If you haven’t subscribed to the streaming site before, you’ll be able to get a free trial for a month. Additionally, if you want “Hulu (No Ads)”, it’ll be $12.99 per month. If you want “Hulu + Live TV Now with Disney+ and ESPN+”, it’ll be $69.99 per month.


The show is slow-moving, but thanks to the characters and their predicaments, Tell Me Lies continues to impress. Whilst it doesn’t seem like the show is going to provide us with shock after shock, it’s still moving the narrative along nicely. Here are just a few predictions on what could happen:

  • Due to the title, it’s likely that the episode takes place during the Christmas holiday.
  • Macy’s death will continue to be a major story point, and maybe more characters will learn about Drew’s involvement. 
  • Will Lucy learn that Stephen and Diana are still sleeping together?
  • And will Stephen learn that Lucy slept with Max?
  • Will a major event happen during the holidays that bring Stephen and Lucy closer together?

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