5 Reasons to Watch The Lørenskog Disappearance on Netflix

September 15, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Netflix mini-series The Lørenskog Disappearance and does not contain any spoilers.

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Some may argue that Netflix is at its best when it’s dealing with bonkers yet real-life stories. And the upcoming mini-series The Lørenskog Disappearance doesn’t look to be any different. And when that particular story/case is still ongoing in real life, it can hit just a little bit harder for the audience. Below are five reasons why you should give it a watch!

5 Reasons to Watch The Lørenskog Disappearance (2022) on Netflix

Reason 1: Inspired by true events.

With a true story at the heart of the show, it could prove to be a proper heartbreaker. “When a billionaire’s wife vanishes, Norwegian police must deal with the frenzied press and deceitful informants to find the truth”. Some may already know the story and/or the outcome. But the fact that it’s a true story could likely prove to be more gritty than your usual scripted drama.

Reason 2: It’s Norwegian

By watching a show in a foreign language, it’s easier to get into the story. Rather than flicking on your phone during a show in your native language, watching a show with subtitles means you have to pay attention to every second of the show. If you don’t, it’s likely that you’ll soon find yourself very confused.

Reason 3: It’s a mini-series

Rather than watching a show, getting invested in the story, and it getting canceled before the story is complete, this will end (hopefully properly) after one season. If the show is done properly, the result will be a well-rounded story that leaves us feeling content with the ending. 

Reason 4: It could help solve the case

As the case of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen has remained unsolved, could the series bring the case to a larger audience? And, therefore, help bring closure to her family? That’s hard to say. But just maybe, it will spark some interest and, therefore, some new evidence. 

Reason 5: The story is available for everyone to check out

Finally, on the off chance that you don’t like to be shocked by TV shows, the case of Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen is available for you to read about. As it’s a true story, there are plenty of articles, YouTube videos, and interviews that will help shed light on the missing person case. That way, as you watch the show, you may be able to use the evidence you’ve collected from your research and form an educated theory as to what happened to Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen.

You will be able to watch this series with a subscription to Netflix.

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