The Perfumier – Everything We Know About the film

September 15, 2022
Lori C. 0
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This article discusses the Netflix film The Perfumier, including the premise, release date, cast, and trailer.

The Perfumier (original title: Der Parfumeur) is a Netflix original crime thriller from Germany that the streaming giant is set to release next week. Here’s all the information we have on the upcoming release. 

The Perfumier premise

From Netflix: “To regain her sense of smell and get back her lover, a detective joins forces with a perfume maker who uses deadly methods to create the perfect scent.”

Our opinion of the premise

The Perfumier seems to take the notion of a murderer who kills his victims for their scent from the 2006 film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, and bring it into the contemporary era. Judging by his other film credits, crime thrillers seem to be Nils Willbrandt’s specialty, and for this movie, he came up with a rather refreshing concept. Having a detective join forces with a killer so she can regain one of her senses is an intriguing idea. We’ll just have to wait and see how the execution pans out. 

Netflix film The Perfumier release date

The Perfumier will be released on Netflix on the 21st of September 2022. 

The Perfumier cast

Here is the main cast:

  • Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
  • August Diehl
  • Robert Finster
  • Anne Müller
  • Emilia Schüle
  • Ludwig Simon

Sólveig Arnarsdóttir is well known in Germany for starring roles in TV series such as Katla (2021) and Ófærð (2015). You might recognize the other lead, August Diehl, from the Quentin Tarantino classic Inglourious Basterds (2009).

The production team 

Here is the team behind it all:

  • Nils Willbrandt, writer and director
  • Kim Zimmermann
  • Tim Greve, Head of ProductionEditorial Department 
  • Stefan Andermann, colorist
  • Katharina Lebegern, conforming engineer

Is there a trailer? 

There sure is! Check it out below:

This trailer is, however, in the film’s original language of German. Netflix has the English version on the streaming platform. Based on the trailer alone, The Perfumier looks like it will be a fast-paced and thrilling viewing experience. 

Where to watch The Perfumier online

You will be able to watch this film with a subscription to Netflix.