Like For Like – 5 series like Entrapped (2022) you must watch

September 16, 2022
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This article discusses 5 series like Netflix’s Entrapped(2022) that you must watch.

With a number of critically acclaimed international programs under its belt, Netflix is likely hoping that Entrapped is going to be very much the same. It’s an Icelandic slow burner, and below are five other shows that you should consider watching.

Like For Like –5 series like Entrapped (2022), you must watch

Sense 8 (2015)

Whilst very different in style, tone, and plot, one of the highlights of the LGBTQ+ show is its Icelandic setting/characters. And since this is one of my favorite shows, I’m putting it on the list.

Trapped (2015)

This is actually the original show that Entrapped is from. Whilst this show is the third season of Trapped, it weirdly was edited down from 8 episodes into 6. However, if you enjoyed Entrapped, watch the original as there’s a chance you’ll prefer it.

The Valhalla Murders (2019)

There was no chance that this show wasn’t going to be on the list. A true mystery thriller that is also Icelandic, it’s a great show to watch after Entrapped.

Shining Girls (2022)

If it’s just a mystery thriller that you’re after watching, and it doesn’t have to be Icelandic, check Shining Girls out. It’s weird from the start, and it truly is hard to predict what will happen or how it will ultimately conclude.

Stella Blómkvist (2017)

And finally, another show you should consider is Stella Blómkvist. It’s an Icelandic show that’s slightly different from the style and tone we see in Entrapped. As said by IMDb, “Stella Blómkvist is a young, cute, libertine, tough, confident, intelligent, Icelandic lawyer with a flexible moral compass. A friend at the police calls her when there’s a criminal in need of a lawyer”.

Do you have any other recommendations for series like Entrapped (2022)? Let us know!

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