Bad Sisters season 1, episode 6 recap – “Splash”

By Adam Lock
Published: September 16, 2022
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“Splash” is priceless comedy gold as the Garvey sisters plot to drug JP. By far the funniest episode from the series so far, Bad Sisters continues to surprise and entertain in equal measures.

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters season 1, episode 6, “Splash,” contains spoilers.

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“Splash” is easily the funniest episode of the series yet as the Garvey sisters plan to kill their villainous brother-in-law JP, for what feels like the umpteenth time now. The show’s twisted humor is allowed to run rampant as the siblings plot to drug the prick and save Grace from her loveless marriage once again, leading towards a hilarious climactic sequence.

Bad Sisters season 1, episode 6 recap

Water and sex are the major themes of the sixth instalment (yes, you heard that right) and the episode begins with Grace having a nightmare that involves both motifs. In this dream she is having sex with JP, it starts to rain down on their marital bed and then Grace finds JP dead underneath the covers. It’s a seemingly random set of events, but I’m sure there is some serious significance to each separate section of the nightmare. Grace is then interrogated in the waking world by Thomas, who arrives unannounced to ask her about JP’s suicide attempt. Thomas asks if JP was depressed and Grace struggles to answer these deeply personal questions thrown at her. In the end, she wonders if it was all her fault and admits that JP never really spoke about the incident, but it did happen.

Thomas heads to the local hospital to follow up this lead further and unearths a bombshell of evidence. He calls up Matthew to discuss this vital information in more detail, but the half-brother is still not on speaking terms with Thomas after the previous episode’s fracas. He takes the day off and spends it with the enemy – Becka. These two are evidently playing with fire by dating one another, but seem to love this added element of danger.

In the earlier timeline, JP is hoping to impress his boss and land that all-important promotion. He organizes to take Gerald out on his boat sailing, but his boss bails at the last minute. Neighbor Roger asks to join him for an impromptu fishing trip instead and JP responds with his usual venomous malice. Roger decides to get his own back and while gardening, he flirts with Grace. JP returns home to find the two dancing on his front garden. In retaliation, JP calls the police and gets Roger arrested on child molestation charges – you do not mess with this man. Now Roger has a salient reason to want JP dead too, is he now a suspect as well?

Grace takes an art class after the dance class failure and gets into a conversation with the nude model about sexuality. Spurred on by this chat, she returns home and dresses in a new, revealing nighty. JP is appalled by her lude behavior and calls her a disgrace. Grace yearns to be loved once again and mentions JP taking those little blue pills to help out. JP belittles his wife and leaves her crying on the couple’s bed.

The sisters reignite their plans to murder JP once more, but Bibi is purposefully distant. After the paintballing incident she won’t speak with the girls. Becka is still reeling from Bibi’s sucker punch and Eva refuses to make any more plans until Bibi returns. For once, Ursula seems to be the sister pushing the immoral plotting forwards. She suggests drugging JP with Rohypnol and having him drown in his own bath.

Feeling at her lowest, Grace confides in her fellow sisters. She worries that JP doesn’t find her attractive anymore and the girls try their best to rebuild her confidence. Eva passes her a vibrator and tells her to get her kicks where she can. Grace hides the vibrator in the bathroom and of course, JP quickly finds it. He confronts her in front of their daughter no less and blames Grace for his arousal issues. Grace runs away in shame, taking Blanaid on a sports trip.

The ending

Becka and Bibi make amends and prepare their Rohypnol scheme. Bibi suggests waiting until JP goes out for a takeaway and then placing the drug in his nasal spray. All the sisters meet outside JP’s home and wait for the villain to leave. It’s another tense scene as they sneak into his house and plant the drug. JP returns early and nearly finds them in the house though. They hide best they can and wait until he is passed out before emerging. Becka quickly whips off JP’s trousers as they run a deadly bath for the zombie. He suddenly wakes and the girls hide besides the bed. In his drowsy state, JP urinates in the wardrobe and then takes the car for a spin whilst still bottomless. He drives to the harbor and searches for his boat.

The Garvey girls follow the drugged naturist to the harbor and watch from a distance as he falls into the water. They recall that JP cannot swim and he drowns right before them. Is this the suicide attempt that the characters allude to in the present timeline? Or have they finally killed off JP? You’ll have to wait for next week’s instalment to find out JP’s fate.

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