Like For Like – 5 films like Flight/Risk you must watch

September 17, 2022
Jordan Russell Lyon 0
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This article discusses 5 films like Flight/Risk (2022) that you must watch.

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As said by Amazon Prime, “Flight/Risk follows everyday people who find themselves in the midst of a global tragedy when two Boeing 737 Max planes crashed only five months apart in 2018 and 2019. This powerful documentary is told through the perspective of affected family members, their legal teams, whistleblowers, and Pulitzer-winning Seattle Times journalist Dominic Gates.” It sounds like it’s a very personal story, and below are five similar films. 

Like For Like – 5 films like Flight/Risk (2022) you must watch

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing (2022)

Like Flight/Risk, this film investigates the downfall of a once-iconic company, how its ultimate downfall eventually came, and how it cost several lives in the process.

17 Blocks (2019)

By using footage from over two decades, 17 Blocks shows how gun crime and drug addiction can rip through families. However, in the case of this film, it is love that tries to find a happy solution.

I Am A Killer (2022)

As the show features interviews with death-row victims, this is the perfect show to binge after watching Flight/Risk. It goes in-depth with the crimes, just like how Flight/Risk studies the emotion caused by the two Boeing 737 Max plane crashes.

United 93 (2006)

This is a film that I have already mentioned in my like-for-like lists. However, this list feels even more suitable. The Boeing 737 Max plane crashes, and the 9/11 attacks are tragic events that are very much in people’s minds. Because of this, both films are emotional, tragic, and tear-jerking watches.

Dear Zachary: A Letter To A Son About His Father (2008)

After receiving universal acclaim upon release, many viewed this as one of the best documentaries of its time. Centering around the murder of Andrew Bagby, it was actually made with the intent to be viewed by Andrew’s loved ones. However, it soon made its way to the public after Andrew’s son, Zachary, was murdered by Andrew’s partner, Shirley (and Zachary’s mother), who was later proven to have killed Andrew. 

Do you have any other recommendations for films like Flight/Risk (2022)? Let us know!