Next Time On… American Gigolo season 1, episode 3 – “Rapture”

September 18, 2022
Jonathon Wilson 1
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This article is a preview for American Gigolo season 1, episode 3, and may contain spoilers for previous episodes. 

David Hollander’s Showtime remake of Paul Schrader’s 1980 classic American Gigolo imagines a different version of the same story in which high-class male escort Julian Kaye was never given an alibi by his lover, Michelle, and instead spent 15 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Suddenly free after a contract killer confesses to the crime on his deathbed, Julian is dropped back into his old life and attempts both to reconnect with his lover and unravel the mystery of who framed him.

The second episode, “Pretty Baby”, doubled down on the mystery at the expense of some of the pilot’s style. Here’s what happened, in summary:

American Gigolo season 1, episode 2 recap:

  • After essentially being raped by Isabelle, Julian resigned himself to a new post-prison life. He got a job working in a restaurant kitchen and rented a room from a woman named Lizzy. It seemed like the answers he wanted weren’t going to be forthcoming.
  • However, one of Olga’s associates, a Frenchman named Guy, acquired the school file of one of Julian’s old girlfriends, someone named Lisa Beck, and deposited the file in Julian’s car.
  • Detective Sunday continued to investigate the case and, following the death of Finnegan, went to see Olga directly. She was delayed by Guy, and by the time she was able to secure a warrant, she entered the residence to find Olga and Guy both shot to death.
  • Michelle continued to try and find Colin by circumventing her husband.

American Gigolo season 1, episode 3 release date

The latest episode, titled “Rapture”, will debut on Showtime for subscribers on Friday, September 23, and then on the Showtime channel on Sunday, September 25.

Where to watch American Gigolo season 1, episode 3 online

As mentioned above, American Gigolo is a Showtime original and can be viewed on the channel or app, either live or on-demand.

Preview and predictions for “Rapture”:

The official synopsis is as follows:

Julian tries to interpret a dead woman’s message as Colin finds himself on the run from his father’s violent associates. Michelle realizes her son is in more danger than she thought – and so is Julian.

Some predictions:

  • Who is this Lisa Beck? What happened to her? Why is she relevant? You can expect some flashbacks to reveal more on this.
  • I’m still anticipating Michelle enlisting Julian’s services in some capacity to help her find Colin.
  • What’s the deal with the dog? Its supposed owner seemed a little suspect to me. There will be more on this pooch, I’m sure.
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