5 Reasons to Watch Andor

September 19, 2022
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This article discusses 5 reasons to watch the Disney+ series Andor and does not contain any spoilers.

The latest Star Wars Disney+ series is set to start releasing on September 21. The first three episodes will drop together, followed by weekly releases through November 23. The show is named after its titular character, Cassian Andor, previously seen in the film Rogue One.

5 Reasons to Watch Andor

Reason 1. It explores the beginning of the rebellion.

The trailers for Andor show that it explores how the Rebellion was formed, five years before the events of Rogue One. It promises to delve into the injustices of the Empire that drove characters towards resistance, concentrating on Cassian himself.

Reason 2. More Cassian Andor.

Cassian is one of the most beloved characters from the 2016 Star Wars film, Rogue One. The Rebel captain and intelligence officer played by Diego Luna immediately became a fan favorite, alongside his companion Jyn Erso (portrayed by Felicity Jones). Luna notably was allowed to keep his native Mexican accent for the role, an exciting point for diversity in the Star Wars universe. The show promises to explore how Cassian is drawn to the Rebellion, a thrilling prospect considering how ruthlessly dedicated he is to the cause in Rogue One.

Reason 3. A stacked cast.

The series sees not only Diego Luna returning to the role of Cassian, but also Forest Whitaker reappearing as Saw Gerrera and Genevieve O’Reilly as Mon Mothma. But equally exciting are the new cast members including Stellan Skarsgård, Fiona Shaw, and Denise Gough.

Reason 4. It’s accessible to new Star Wars fans.

In a press conference, showrunner Tony Gilroy said that the show could be an entry point for new fans to the franchise. “We’re doing a show that does not require any prior knowledge whatsoever to get involved,” he promised. With the Star Wars universe being so large between the films, animated shows, live-action shows, and novels, it’s refreshing to see something that’s an easy way for people to get involved.

Reason 5. Early social reviews promise it’s something new.

While the review embargo hasn’t happened yet, the social media embargo has passed and the early Twitter reviews are promising. Heather Antos from IDW Publishing says that Andor “is unlike any Star Wars show that has come before.” Maggie Lovitt of Collider says, “It’s gritty, mature, and the most intelligent and well-informed story we’ve had to date.”

Will you be watching Andor when it premieres on September 21? Why are you excited for it?

You can watch Andor with a subscription to Disney+.

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