Little Women (2022) season 1, episode 6 recap – dynamic changing

By Nathan Sartain
Published: September 19, 2022
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Little Women (2022) season 1, episode 6 recap - dynamic changing


An excellent installment that methodically builds to a shocking, dynamic-changing ending.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Little Women (2022) season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

For the most part, Little Women episode six was a similar affair to what has preceded it. There were moments of subtle intensity, family conflict, and detailed character and plot development which moves things along at a brisk pace. Yet this chapter’s final 15 minutes, which seamlessly builds in gravitas until it peaks with one final moment of shock, ensures memorability.

Little Women season 1, episode 6 recap

After watching In-joo’s realisation that Jae-sang was at Hwa-young’s apartment the day she died, we cut to In-kyung facing a warning from Ma-ri that her life will only go downhill from now, and that she should see a psychiatrist. However, the now sober reporter is happy to bring up her adversary’s scholarship from Gi-seon here, even if the deadpan journalist remarks that she will not pull out of any future coverage pertaining to the Park family, as she received the grant through good grades.

Later on, Hyo-rin describes the strange scenes that ensued on the night of Hwa-young’s alleged suicide, noting that she cut herself while everything unfolded out of fear that her parent’s may have never returned. Nevertheless, the youngster surprisingly reveals she does not know who Hwa-young is despite her strong memories from the fateful night, claiming her ominous painting was of a scene she had seen plenty of times before. Now, In-hye gets involved, believing the hallucinogenic orchids recognisable to In-joo may have had something to do with Hyo-rin’s visions. Cynically though, the Park family’s daughter is swiftly insistent that she will not part with the dashcam footage viewed earlier (partly so she can protect Jae-sang), going as far as to threaten to kill herself if it is taken without permission.

As the press begin their interest in Jae-sang’s suspected “illegal accumulation of wealth,” Hye-suk appears concerned, not wanting In-kyung to hang up the phone when called. Yet the journalist is too busy showing off the certified copy of the register for the real estate linked with Il-bok to care, still bitter over her dubious OBN dismissal. Concurrently, In-joo is stopped by In-hye when looking for the protected dashcam footage, with the young artist believing her sister is acting with delusions of the poor when instantly blaming the rich.

While it’s established that Jae-sang may riskily just wait the negative media coverage out, In-joo takes a visit to Hwa-young’s apartment. But she is cornered by a curious Su-im upon exiting, who aggressively ends up spilling fish the outcast was meant to look after in the pursuit of finding something worth reporting on. Elsewhere, Hyo-rin, while burying the dashcam footage, admits to In-hye that it feels really bad having a murderous father due to the risk of potential escalation if his deeds are to be exposed. Regardless, the youngest of the Oh family advises her friend not to let Jae-sang’s wrongdoings eat her life away, or indeed trust anybody.

When reminded of his father’s first purchase of a car via a photo, Jae-sang agrees to meet Hye-suk. Together, the two discuss Il-bok, before the elder gets to business, wanting to negotiate a way to stop the elite attorney getting negatively involved with her company. Blaming In-kyung for being clueless, Hye-suk suggests that the two are even, and should stop here. However, Jae-sang continues his curiosity, wondering why he knows nothing about the person in front of him. “Because I was closer to the General than you were to him,” Hye-suk says, adding that she is alive because the war hero wanted things to be that way, given she saved his life.

After Hye-suk departs with a snide comment about Il-bok’s bowel worries prior to his death, Sang-a watches on nervously, and Do-il hears of In-joo’s fulfilled wish to check whoever followed her when she would head to Hwa-young’s place, in addition to her fear of him. Nevertheless, the money launderer is quick to cover his tracks, showing his acquaintance proof that he did not kill Bo-ra as was suggested, but rather help her escape to live a life under a new name.

Unfortunately for In-kyung, Jae-sang pins the assets he inherited on General Won Gi-seon, meaning that the attorney’s story of a troubled upbringing still tracks. Apologising for not exposing this sooner, the calculating mayoral candidate has another trick up his sleeve, with a claim following that the money was used “to open up a new era,” which happens to be the four foundations he and his wife run. Still, the innocent In-hye does find herself protected when Ma-ri attempts to slip in a question about the youngster’s own scholarship funded by Jae-sang. Concurrently, Do-il reveals to In-joo that the attorney’s election run must go well should they want to be able to use the ledgers (which will become more valuable) to receive the 70 billion won laundered from his campaign money. In other words, the outcast should start to let inconveniences slide if she wants to see a hefty sum of cash come her way.

Once silently disowned by In-hye, In-kyung is told to accept defeat by her great-aunt. Regretful, the fired reporter rues her errors in the quick exposure of Il-bok’s assets, though she does want to know why Hye-suk was involved in all of his real estate transactions when it’s established she found Jae-sang’s father’s property registration in the elder’s company archives. At that point, the family’s great-aunt gets blunt, replying to In-kyung’s subsequent questions by informing her of the sheer power the influential group have, which includes the ability to wipe the Oh sisters out completely. Soon, it becomes apparent that Hye-suk has acted shadily with her property dealings in the past, and had a part to play in In-kyung’s firing, something passed off as being for the sake of keeping the reporter alive, in the same way the old lady once protected herself instead of complaining.

Continuing, In-kyung is told to stop her investigations to protect Hye-suk’s company, and the two oldest siblings are instructed to stay with their great-aunt, where they can have security. Nevertheless, the fired reporter is unable to be convinced that she should slow down, choosing to instead focus on In-joo’s change into someone who now treads carefully.

The next day, Jae-sang’s massive rise in voter popularity is revealed, a fact punctuated by the fresh donations to his foundation. Here, the elite attorney tells Do-il he will be going to Singapore within the month for cash, and begins to kickstart plans to get rid of In-kyung. However, Su-im finds her similar suggestions to “eliminate” the unpredictable In-joo firmly disagreed with by Sang-a. So, instead, Do-il will manage the outcast, ensuring that she causes no trouble.

While In-kyung is stunted in her attempts to find out more about Il-bok’s property (the old files are being shredded as instructed by Hye-suk), Su-im warns Do-il that there will be consequences if his plan with In-joo harms Jae-sang. Yet the money launderer has some choice words of his own, threatening the “thug” with repercussions if she is to repeat previous mishaps involving her and the former office worker.

At a hospital, In-joo is asked to go to on a money-making trip to Singapore on behalf of Sang-a, so she can continue work begun by Hwa-young at the Orchid festival. Trusted not to act recklessly because she has her sisters to lose, the outcast is, in time, laughed at over her ambitions to marry a rich man, and gifted a rare blue orchid to keep by her bed. “If you smell it all night, you’ll be able to see what you really want,” Sang-a states, then adds that the two colleagues should talk again when they can be honest. Continuing, the rich mother mentions the fact she has her own plan, believing that In-joo would also want to make it solo.

After In-joo is told that Sang-a will look after the “orchid of your dreams” if she does well in Singapore, meaning that the outcast will become a part of the exclusive ‘Jeongran Society’, we watch In-kyung piece together an old shredded photo to find that same group referenced. Elsewhere, In-hye tells Hyo-rin that she thinks something will definitely happen in the future, so tries to get her friend to remember the suicide scene of the red-heeled woman so the two can have power.

Next, despite Do-il’s concerns over her possession of the dangerous blue orchid, In-joo insists on keeping the flower as part of a wider plan to think about what she wants, even if just for a night. Breathing in the scent, the outcast appears wholly relaxed. Meanwhile, In-kyung pokes around for more information on Il-bok’s land, enabling her to discover that Dal-su was a former owner of Wonryeong School.

While seemingly entranced, In-joo questions how her great-aunt chose to be rich while watching others die. Determined to take down Jae-sang in the hopes of securing 70 billion won, the eldest of the Oh sisters doesn’t seem phased by Hye-suk’s suggestions that she will have to abandon the life she has previously lived to do so. Aware that her great-aunt must know something that could take the family down, In-joo wants to know more of the secrets involving the Jeongran Society. However, Hye-suk is unwilling to part with any information, or at least she is until her great-niece brings up the ledgers.

In between this conversation, In-kyung looks into the co-owners of the 130,000 pyeong land alongside Jong-ho, all of whom are connected by their belonging to the Jeongran Society. Additionally, it’s revealed that most of these people are already dead now, a fact that leads the two to look for those still alive. Later on, the investigating duo see that the deceased were all involved with things like saving banks, private school corruption and land speculation, before they jointly surmise that the shady group are invested in the mysterious blue orchid.

The ending

When revealing what she knows about the deaths linked to the blue orchids, In-joo seems to have Hye-suk ready to give information about the Jeongran Society, but the chance is blown when the effects of the flower kick in, rendering the outcast too fatigued to continue the back-and-forth. With that being said, it doesn’t quite stop comparisons being drawn between the two relatives regarding their upbringings in poverty, lack of studying, and status as divorcees. Outside, Do-il waits, observing the perimeter keenly.

With Hwa-young’s potential murder swimming in In-joo’s head, as well as a comment about needing to pass away poor to prevent the death of another person, the outcast stares blankly at the blue orchid in her room. Then, she heads downstairs, then back upstairs (in the background, Hyo-rin is narrating a similar scene to In-hye, remembering what inspired her ominous painting), wandering with the flower in her hand.

As Hyo-rin guides her friend to the secret place she frequented when young, Sang-a interrupts, wondering what the two are doing. Concurrently, In-kyung arrives back at Hye-suk’s, only to find her older sister crouched over her great-aunt, who is laid out in a pool of blood complemented by the blue orchid. With a blank expression visible on In-joo’s face, the episode ends.

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